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Services and pricing

Quality and professional vet care service at home $99

Join the thousands of Australians who have had their pets they love saved and cared for by the wonderful and trusted vets from Pawssum. 

We provide a range of services through our partnerships with local mobile vets to deliver high quality, stress-free vet services in the comfort of your home. Our vets and team are here to make the experience as convenient and comfortable as possible for both you and your pets.

Pawssum veterinarians have treated over 7,700 pets at their own home. Our service is trusted by thousands of pet owners around Australia for vet house calls. Pawssum always ensures continuity of service and can provide follow-up appointments in vet clinics if required and emergency vet services in selected locations. 

Pawssum perks:

  • Contact us any time from 8:00am – 10:00pm.
  • We offer finance and repayment options.
  • Chat to our friendly team online or request a call back if you have any questions.

Our services

Below are the key services Pawssum offer. Click for more information and pricing.

Home pet consultations and examinations $99

Our locations

Sydney, NSW (inc. Central Coast)

Perth, WA

Brisbane, QLD

Melbourne, VIC (inc. Bendigo)

Canberra, ACT

Adelaide, SA