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Receive advice from the comfort of your home quickly and easily with trusted, local vets with a simple video call.

Pawssum provides pet care in the comfort of your home.

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Telepet is Pawssum’s Vet Telemedicine Solution

If your pet becomes unwell while you are ‘self-isolating’ or ‘social distancing’, you may consider calling a vet for advice before you visit a veterinary practice. At Pawssum, we find many health concerns can be dealt with safely and effectively via an online video consultation or live text chat. Our partner vets are available Australia-wide till late.
Stay well and safe everyone!

Pawssum’s Telepet service allows pet owners to video call with an experienced and trusted vet instantly.

Benefits of using Telepet:

  • Reassurance that you’re taking the right steps in an emergency.
  • Convenience after hours to ask any questions you may have without having to physically drive your pet out.
  • Peace of mind for minor conditions or concerns with advice from a qualified vet.
  • Ongoing support or general advice for your pet

To ensure continuity of service, Pawssum can easily follow-up cases with a home visit.

Cost: Consultations are only $69 or free for our Wellness plan members

There may be times you just have a few questions about your pet, or might want some advice to ensure you’re doing the right thing. Many cases can be resolved with a quick video call and our partner vets can address the concerns you may have.

Telepet can help with a new or ongoing condition or even provide advice about behaviour or feeding. Some of these are:

  • Skin conditions including allergies and itchy skin
  • Vomiting or diarrhoea
  • Coughing or sneezing
  • Sore paws or broken nails
  • Minor cuts or infections
  • Gums and teeth
  • Smells
  • Diets or weight issues
  • Behavioural problems

Checking in with a vet is also useful to keep your pet happy and healthy. Discuss everything about your pet’s health with a simple and easy video call with a qualified Pawssum vet.

Currently we have local vets who can hold Telepet video calls in your native language including Chinese, Arabic and Spanish. Ask our friendly staff if you want to connect with a vet who speaks your native tongue.

In some circumstances, your Telepet Vet may even be able to write a prescription for your pet’s medicines, for example where you need a repeat or refill of a medicine your pet is currently on. Through our partnership with leading pet pharmacy, most prescriptions written by our Telepet vet can be filled and delivered directly to your door just a few days after consult.

Customer Reviews
Brendan Curtain
May 27, 2024

Caring and compassionate

Jan Pearse
May 27, 2024

Very thoughtful, caring service

Ben Bates
May 27, 2024

Very professional, thank you.

Penny Glindemann
May 27, 2024

Great Friendly Service

Trish Della Vedova
May 27, 2024

A Caring home visit.

Peta West
May 20, 2024

Kind caring service

Rosemarie Besselaar
May 17, 2024

Beautiful Emma

Rosemarie Besselaar
May 17, 2024

Beautiful service