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Recently became the parent of a new furry friend?

What could be better than a local vet coming directly to your home to microchip your new pet? We ensure that your pet is fully microchipped and assist you with registration to make the process convenient, easy and stress free. This means you can easily be contacted and your pet returned to you in the rare incident that it is lost.


Pet microchipping is the process of implanting a tiny, electronic chip beneath the skin of a pet, typically between the shoulder blades. The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and contains a unique identification number that can be read using a special scanner.

The microchip is implanted by a veterinarian using a needle. It is a quick and relatively painless procedure, similar to getting a vaccination.

The microchip allows pets to be identified if they are lost or stolen. Animal shelters, veterinary clinics, and other pet-related organizations have scanners that can read the unique identification number on the microchip. Once the number is read, the owner can be contacted and reunited with their pet.

It’s important to note that microchipping does not replace the need for a collar and ID tags, but it does provide an additional layer of protection in case the pet’s collar or tags are lost or removed.


Pet microchipping is important because it provides a permanent and reliable way to identify a lost or stolen pet. Unlike collars and ID tags, which can fall off or be removed, a microchip is implanted beneath the skin and can’t be lost or easily removed.

If a lost pet is found and brought to a shelter or veterinary clinic, a quick scan of the microchip can help reunite the pet with its owner. This can save the pet from unnecessary stress, trauma, and potential harm that can come from being lost or taken in by strangers.

In addition to helping reunite lost pets with their owners, microchipping can also prevent pet theft and fraud. In some cases, stolen pets are sold or given away to unsuspecting individuals. A microchip can provide proof of ownership and help authorities recover the stolen pet.


The cost of an at-home microchipping by a Pawssum local vet is $91*.

We offer 30% off for additional pets during the same visit.

* This service is in addition to a pet examination.

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June 17, 2024

Saying goodby to Mac

Kathryn O'Callaghan
June 11, 2024


Dr Stephen helped us say goodbye to our beautiful girl Mishka at home today. He was so kind and informative and made what is such an emotional experience that little bit easier. Dr Stephen looked after our puppy with such

Gael Williams
June 11, 2024

The vet was very gentle

Natalie Smith
June 11, 2024

Losing our little boy

Roy Button
June 10, 2024

Excellent service

Kathryn O'Callaghan
June 10, 2024


Anoopa Parambath
June 3, 2024

My dog mini toy poodle

Kathy Aldridge
May 31, 2024

Dr Edward was very gentle

Dr Edward was very gentle and compassionate and took his time with me asking questions, I thank him very much. Very prompt with booking an appointment.