Pawssum is looking for vet clinic partnerships

Join forces with Pawssum for a groundbreaking partner´╗┐ship in veterinary care. We're seeking vet clinics to collaborate seamlessly, offering extended mobile service hours, at-home peaceful euthanasia and Telehealth services, and a mutual referral system. Elevate pet care and expand your client base with Pawssum!

What is Pawssum?

  • An at-home veterinary service
  • Available nationwide across Australia and New Zealand
  • Opens early and closes late, seven days a week.
  • Highly skilled and experienced team of veterinarians.
  • Focus on delivering care in the comfort of the pet owner's home.
  • Specialised services include at-home euthanasia.
Vet holding dog

Why should you become a partner?

Reciprocal Referral System

Establish a system for mutual referrals in specialized treatments, ensuring comprehensive care and leveraging each other's expertise.

Enhanced Overall Pet Health

Build a network for trusted veterinary care, combining at-home convenience with clinic expertise for comprehensive pet health.

Seamless Sharing of Patient Information

Implement a seamless information-sharing system for coordinated care between at-home services and clinic-based treatments.

Financial Revenue Opportunities

Create additional revenue streams by having vet clinics as referral points for specialized treatments, benefiting both Pawssum and partner clinics.

Optimised Emergency Care

Vet clinics handle essential procedures like X-rays in emergencies, ensuring timely critical care and contributing to financial stability.

Mutual Growth and Success

Through reciprocal referrals and collaborative patient care, both Pawssum and partner vet clinics can achieve mutual growth and success in advancing pet healthcare.

Some of our current referral clinics