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Beautiful Emma

Sadly we had to say goodbye to our beautiful 15 year old Maltese shitzu, Oscar. Dr. Emma was so understanding and caring. She talked us through the process and was wonderful with my daughters, my husband and I.

Rosemarie Besselaar
May 17, 2024

Beautiful service

Dr. Emma was absolutely perfect. She was so beautiful with the way she helped me and my family get through such a difficult time.

Rosemarie Besselaar
May 17, 2024

Peter was so kind

Dr. Peter was so kind and caring during the hardest decision my family has had to make. He treated poncho with such care and love even after he had already passed so is obviously a big animal lover who understands Pets are part of the family.

Kelly Beard
May 17, 2024

Very thoughtful

Dr. Stephen was very kind and thoughtful in helping us through a difficult time. We are very grateful for the care and flexibility in helping us quickly when needed.

Brad Miller
May 17, 2024

Professional caring vet service

Prompt efficient service. Lovely professional vet in our home to peacefully say goodbye to our little girl Lil. Takes away the stress for everyone on such a sad occasion. Definitely the way to go.

Lyn Brown
May 17, 2024

Dr Kel was professional, kind

Dr Kel was professional, kind and caring. She reassured us the whole time. It made an extremely difficult time bearable.

May 17, 2024

Mobile Vet Check

Absolutely brilliant service, will use again for all my pets needs.

Andrew Johns
May 17, 2024

Annual Vet Check

Absolutely brilliant service by this company, will use them again for any required vet services.

Andrew Johns
May 17, 2024

Pleasant ending

Dr. Cooper aided our pet Snoop to sleep peacefully. Snoop was 16 and was struggling…This was a time of such heart ache for me as I didn’t want to say goodbye. But Cooper made it seamless. Arrived at the arranged time, explained to us every stage of the procedure and even allowed us all the time we needed to say ‘see ya later’ to Snoop prior to the last stage. Cooper even gave us advise on how Snoops brother may react and how to make the transition easier for him. Thank you Cooper xx Tina & Troy

Tina Dalen
May 17, 2024


Thank you for everything. You made the process so easy and peaceful. It is such a relief. Great information through out the process. Thank you for listening to our babble!

Janette KING
May 17, 2024

Just wanted to say thankyou

Just wanted to say thankyou so much to Dr Cooper – he was amazing.

Courtney Jarry
May 17, 2024

My girl saw Dr Tan

My girl saw Dr Tan, he was great with her. He arrived on time and took great care of her. She is resting comfortably now.

Cheryl Potter
May 17, 2024

Second Time in 3 Months!!

This was the second time using Pawssum to say goodbye to our second cat, Lionel, brother of Stanley who we had to say good-bye to in late January this year. We were very fortunate to have the same vet, Dr Stephen who showed great care and compassion whilst we said good-bye to Lionel. He made the whole process a little bit easier.
Thanks to the team at Pawssum from making the initial call in what was a very difficult time.

John Anderson
May 17, 2024

Twice in 3 months!!

This was the second time we had used Pawssum to say goodbye to our second cat Lionel, brother of Stanley who only left us in late January this year. We were very fortunate to have the same vet, Dr Stephen who again showed great care and compassion and made the whole process of saying goodbye a little easier.
Thanks to all the team at Pawssum.

John Anderson
May 17, 2024

A peaceful death.

My cat and I were treated with kindness and understanding by the vets. I was given time to say goodbye to my cat and I was able to hold her while she passed. Everyone I spoke to were just fantastic to a grieving Fur Parent.

Mary Aquilina
May 17, 2024

Excellent Service

The vet, Dr Peter arrived promptly at booked time. He was very compassionate, thorough with his diagnosis, and very respectful, caring and helpful with his advice.
This made a very painful experience a little easier.
Thank you very much.

Kevin Elphick
May 17, 2024


Dr Stephen was very helpful and caring through our pets peaceful Euthanasia. Our family was able to say good bye to Viktory in a very special and loving way . There was no rush and we had quality time with our beloved Viktory !!

Thank you.

Lee Sterges
May 17, 2024

Happy treatment

We had dr cooper
He was fantastic, friendly
The whole team were great
Highly recommend them highly

Tracey Mclaughlin
April 30, 2024

Very compassionate

Dr Cooper was wonderful with our beloved April. All options were discussed thoroughly. Our beautiful girl and us were treated with the utmost respect and care. She went to sleep in her own bed in her own home surrounded by the people who loved her. If there is such a thing as a good death, April had it.

John Koene
April 30, 2024

Very caring and professional.

An extremely emotional event was well managed by the team.

Nothing unnecessary was said and team was very calm, clear and understanding.

Helped me focus on my pet.


Eric Bagnall
April 29, 2024

Fantastic service

Pawssum was fantastic to deal with and made the booking process of letting our family dog go so much easier. I called around to a few local vets a day before a public holiday and wasn’t able to get anyone to do a home visit as all were fully booked, I wish I came across Pawssum earlier as Dr Beshoy came out in under 2 hours after I submitted the booking. Thank you Dr Beshoy for your extreme kindness and professionalism. You made a heartbreaking decision so much easier.

April 29, 2024

Thanks Dr Stephen

We initially requested a Quality of Life assessment of our 12 year old GSD Xena because we wanted to be certain there was nothing further we could do for her. Based on Dr Stephen’s assessment, we opted for euthanasia. Dr Stephen gave us options, and did not rush the process, however his assessment was clear which is exactly what we wanted. During the euthanasia process, Dr Stephen was extremely kind and patient, he made recommendations that would assist Xena during the process, and the way he treated Xena and the manner he spoke to her was lovely . Thanks so much Dr Stephen. You made a very hard process much easier, not only with your skills and competencies as a vet, but your kindness to Xena and her family as well.

Kristine Biesek
April 26, 2024

Thank you

Dr Jared was so caring and gentle with our very loved Inka. We are so grateful for the time he spent with us and his compassion.

Elise Haddleton
April 26, 2024

Very compassionate

Dr Jared was so caring and compassionate and our little dog Sammy had a lovely peaceful end

Linda Robinson
April 26, 2024

Pawssum is Amazing

Around 10pm I was very worried about our senior fur friend. She had no coordination with her back legs and was completely off her food. Rang Pawssum after finding them on line and the response was amazing. They were able to get someone to come to the house within an hour. The service was great and my mind was immediately put at ease with the result. Our fur friend is pretty well back to normal and loving her food and walks again.

Heather Corrie
April 26, 2024

Excellent service and would recommend to everyone

Excellent vet that visited our house for a QOL assessment. Dr Edward gave us options as we were unsure how to proceed. He was also very professional and considerate I’d recommend him/Pawssum to anyone who required vet services of any kind. Very pleased with the outcome and the price was very reasonable. Again I say I’d HIGHLY RECOMMEND Pawssum to anyone requiring help with their fur baby.

Benjamin Cearns
April 24, 2024

Dr kel was very professional

Dr kel was very professional and extremely caring made us fell so much better in this difficult time with our dog pebbles would not hesitate in recommending her to any one for your services in the future
Thanks a lot
Bob Barnes

Robert Frederick Barnes
April 23, 2024

It’s a great comfort at a distressing time

When you’re facing a situation which nobody wants to continue with, yet you know there’s no stopping time, it’s comforting to know that there is a very professional team that you can rely on, relate to, and trust to do things the right way.

Steve Murray
April 22, 2024

Thankyou to Dr Stuart

Dr Stuart is a very understanding professional, gentle, and caring person. It was an extremely difficult moment for me to have to say farewell to my 19 year old cats – Milo & Coco. His steady presence and care was first class, carefully explaining each step. I highly recommend him.

David Byrnes
April 19, 2024

Just like to say thank you

Just like to say thankyou once again beautiful vets beautiful way to say good bye to my beautiful cat very much missed very much loved but thankyou again so very happy with the vets you send xxxx

Chantal Homewood
April 19, 2024

Dog with ruptured ACL

Very impressed with Dr Steve’s manner with our dog and professional skills in diagnosing ruptured left ACL with possible damage of the meniscus, the right ACL ruptured 2 weeks earlier. Clear communication to us that there were 4 positive signs for ACL rupture and xray wasn’t required. Gave treatment options ranging from conservative hydro/physio to invasive surgery. Previous vets had pushed exclusively for surgery for the right ruptured ACL.

Gary Hamann
April 16, 2024

Great Vet & very informative

I believe the vet Dr. Nick who attended my house for Pumbaa was awesome!
Thank you so much for taking the stress out of my life!
Alison Purt

Alison Purt
April 16, 2024

Friendly and caring

Our vet DR Shagufta was amazing. She explained the process to us and allowed us the space to spend the last few moments with our beloved Moose.
Moose was able to be in our arms as he slipped to sleep. Moments later he passed peacefully. Dr Shagufta was compassionate and caring throughout the process.

Dion Wright
April 15, 2024

Gentle send off

On Friday 12 April we said a very sad goodbye to our beloved fur baby, Angus, at home. Dr Bahaa was kind, gentle and understanding which we very much appreciated at what was an extremely difficult and emotional time for the whole family.

Alison Penney
April 15, 2024

Emma was so kind

Emma was so kind and considerate to us and gave our dog, Missy, a peaceful end. Thank you.

Bonnie Arbon
April 15, 2024

The vet was just wonderful

The vet was just wonderful, friendly and very helpful

Lisa Turner
April 11, 2024


Dr Tamara was very caring, arrived on time. Jessica had no idea she was being put to sleep or being seen by a vet. Thoroughly recommend Dr Tamara.

Lynette Milne
April 10, 2024


I was absolutely was delighted with Dr Stephen, through no fault of his the time was later than planned. Dr Stephen kept me updated. Dr Stephen was very gentle and kind dealing with my little dog who was very stressed. He truly went above and beyond.
I just felt the surcharge was a bit steep. But the service was terrific.
I would highly recommend pawssum.
Kind regards Vicki

Vicki Browse
April 10, 2024

Dr Stephen was amazing

Dr Stephen was amazing when providing our dog Stiggy with a comfortable send off. He was very understanding and sympathetic of our loss of Stiggy and could not recommend him enough! Stiggy was peaceful and made comfortable which made the send off feel right. Thank you so much Dr Stephen

John Mifsud
April 8, 2024

Everything happened in a timely manner

Everything happened in a timely manner. Thank you

Mani Kaur
April 8, 2024


Dr Beshoy was fantastic. He came out on Good Friday and gave a thorough assessment of our dog. He gave us the options we needed and medication. I am so impressed with your service. I hope many people are using you
Our dog is now so much better due to your care. Thanks Pawssum!!!!

Ness Mackellar
April 8, 2024

Thanks to Dr Lucy!

Thank you so much Dr Lucy 😊 only a minor consult however the general stress for both Mum and Furbaby of travel and wait times at vet tend to turn my somewhat sometimes grumpy boy absolutely feral. Still wasn’t the purrfect patient however sooo much more relaxed and better behaved. Totally recommend if you have grumpy animals who don’t like to be uplifted from their normal surroundings!

Andrea Malcolm
April 3, 2024

Wonderful service

It was with a very heavy heart that it was time to put our little dog to sleep. We rang Pawssum and a lovely vet came within 2 hours.
He explained everything that he would do in a peaceful, reassuring way and it was beautifully handled .
Milo looked so peaceful and it really helped us to cope.
He wrapped her in her favorite blanket and the whole process was handled with a lot of compassion.
It was lovely that we could do this at home, it was less traumatic on us and on Milo.

Elizabeth Ryke
April 2, 2024

Amazing vet

Dr Pete was amazing. So calm and gentle. Highly recommended.

Cassie Bremner
April 2, 2024

Thank you for your kindness

Thank you for helping us say goodbye to our cat Sossie. Dr Emma was kind and sensitive–Sossie liked that too–and let me hold him as he passed. It was far less stress for Sossie than if we had had to drive him somewhere. We appreciate how helpful you all were, especially during the public holiday.

April 2, 2024


Helpful and caring result.

Janet Lawrey
April 1, 2024

Grateful for the beautiful care

Very thankful for the gentle and understanding care given to us for the peaceful passing of our beloved 17 year old dog Belle.

Merrilyn Paul
April 1, 2024

Great service

Dr Stephen was incredibly thorough and helpful. He accurately assessed our cat’s sickness and provided appropriate medication. Within 12 hours she was pretty much back to normal. Thank you for your help

Dennis Lewis
April 1, 2024


Tinks was able to die in peace at the age of 19 in her own home surrounds. The vet was very understanding and help not only Tinks but her human family too.

Julia Payne
April 1, 2024

Peaceful euthanasia

Very friendly and kind staff, excellent service.
Very considerate and understanding.

Amanda Menicacci
April 1, 2024

The doctor that came was very nice

The doctor that came was very nice, understanding & friendly to my cat Peddy. Let’s hope the treatment he gave him will help. Pedro hopes so too he wants to be well again. THANK YOU.

Zora Zeleznik
March 27, 2024

Highly recommend

The time had come for our 14yo little man, Teddy, to cross the rainbow bridge.
It was a very hard family decision to make. He could hardly walk and had lost control of all bowel and bladder movements.
As Teddy was always anxious and scared of going to the vets, we had the vet, Dr. Beshoy, come to us.
Dr. Beshoy was very sympathetic, compassionate, professional and showed a lot of empathy to us and our situation. He was very respectful with Teddy at all times, which was of great comfort to us and also to Teddy, who was happy in his own home.
The lovely people at Pawssum kept me informed every step of the way either by text, email and even a phone call which I received at 9pm at night to go over Teddy’s plaque for his cremation urn.
Teddy has since been returned to us, hand delivered by, Pets to Rest, the cremation service used in this regard.
I cannot recommend both of these companies enough. Great service, professionalism and very respectful. Thank you.

Rosanna Thomas
March 27, 2024

Excellent service

Dr Edward came to put my boy to sleep.
Very understanding and patient, explained everything with compassion.
This is such a great service and saves a stressful trip to a clinic.

Vanessa Murphy
March 25, 2024

Thank you 🙂

Thank you Pawssum,

From the first contact, the staff were kind and considerate of what was a horrible time for our family and me.

From first contact, the Veterinary consultation and the final appointment, it was seamless and made it far easier for us.

Our Vet, Dr Kel, was the kindest and most supportive person, anyone could have wished for, her love and kindness to our Sammy, and the family members was outstanding. She explained every step so we were aware and went through a lot of trouble to ensure that we knew Sammy was comfortable.

I would highly recommend Pawssum to anyone who has to go through this horrible time.

Warmest regards,

Jacqui Walsh

Jacqui Walsh
March 19, 2024

Professional seamless service

Professional seamless service

Terri Joiner
March 19, 2024

Dr Cooper is amazing

The morning we had to call was extremely stressful. I spoke to Juliette who was so helpful caring and understanding.
At 10:30am Dr Cooper arrived and gave me the sad news that our beloved fur baby was going to cross over the rainbow bridge. Dr Cooper was so gentle with our Yoda. He explained everything to me before hand and stayed with us all the whole time. I just wanted to say how grateful we all are for Dr Cooper, Juliette and please forgive me all the other staff who I have spoken with in the past few weeks. Yoda was so peaceful and relaxed when he went to sleep for the last time.

Amanda Hutchinson
March 18, 2024

Pawssum, amazing service!

Booking in was easy. Dr Tamara was fantastic, very caring, thorough and knowledgeable. The customer service line was helpful and I was kept informed through every step. Thanks Pawssum, I’ve had an amazing experience. I will continue to use your service and recommend to others. Thunder thanks you all too x

Christine Barber
March 15, 2024

Pawssum, your service is amazing!

Contacting the service was easy. Dr Tamara was amazing, very caring, thorough and honest.

Christine Barber
March 15, 2024

Awesome Vet

Dr Pete was fantastic with my cheeky Jack Russell.

Hilda Lupke
March 14, 2024

Great service and care for my new puppy

The vet was very caring and attentive to our new puppy and to us. We are all very happy with the care and service.

Jill Kealley
March 14, 2024

Appreciate the prompt service.

Appreciate the prompt service. Vet attended within 2-3 hours of booking over the weekend, when local vets were closed. My dog’s health has improved day by day since commencing his short term medications. We are thrilled our dog is bouncing back and grateful to Dr. Edward. Will definitely use Pawssum again should we need a vet asap in future.

S Kay
March 13, 2024

Recommended service

We were very happy with the compassionate euthanasia for our Shadow. It was very quick and we believe that Shadow didn’t feel a thing. He went so peacefully.

Bruce Rowney
March 13, 2024

Service was prompt and compassionate

Service was prompt and compassionate and our beloved family dog did not suffer. Thanks for your assistance.

Ian Pengilly
March 12, 2024

A heart felt thank you

A heart felt thank you to Dr. Tamara. It wasn’t easy to make the decision to have Gizmo put to sleep after
17+ years. She was one of the family. It was a very sad time, but to be able to hold her while she passed away in her own home was very comforting. Dr. Tamara was amazing. Thank you for your kind words. We will never forget you Dr. Tamara….
Cathy and Brian

Cathy Stewart
March 11, 2024

I was very pleased!

I was very pleased with the way Dr, Beshoy handled the situation. Lana was given medication and is doing very well.

Sandy Vangelder
March 11, 2024

Best possible service under difficult circumstances

Dr Bahaa was very compassionate and helpful during this difficult process. My best mate crossed the rainbow bridge with genuine care and professionalism. Eternally grateful.

Zane Parr
March 6, 2024

Very professional and very nice!

They are very professional and very nice vet. Thank you

Maria Plocinska
March 6, 2024

At peace!

I would like to thank the ladies I spoke to on the phone, they were so helpful and thoughtful. Tamara ( the vet) knew the decision I had to make was very difficult but I knew I couldn’t let my Roxy suffer any longer. Tamara talked me through the whole process so I fully understood what was going to happen. Saying goodbye to my little Roxy was the hardest thing I ever had to do, Tamara was so kind and supportive and I appreciate her being there when I said goodbye to my Roxy. My thanks again to the staff at pawssum and Tamara.

March 4, 2024

Compassionate Support

Dr Edward was incredibly gracious and kind in helping our sweet girl pass in peace. His kind and thoughtful manner were truly a gift on the worst day of our life; explaining the process and compassionately guiding us through her passing provided reassurance and solace. Pawssum were able to arrange an emergency home visit within hours. Dr Edward’s compassion and grace were truly a blessing.

Nicole Francis
March 4, 2024

Julie and James were brilliant

Julie and James were both compassionate and empathetic in a difficult time and we could not have asked for better service in saying farewell to our beloved pooch! We did not feel rushed at all. Thank you both so much!

Lisa F
March 4, 2024

Wonderful service by Dr Julie.

Wonderful service by Dr Julie. Arrived on time and was fantastic with my dog Lily. Have no hesitation referring Pawssum

Barbara Sinclair
March 1, 2024

Peaceful passing

Vet Tamara came and we had a stressless and peaceful passing for our elderly cat. She was caring and empathetic, didn’t rush and left our home respectfully. Would recommend this service for animals, it was wonderful.

Judith Judge
March 1, 2024

A1 service

Emma came out and was so understanding, I cannot fault the service I highly recommend pawssum thank you for being so caring x

Bev Dawson
February 28, 2024

Dr. Stuart

I had Dr Stuart come out to cut my dogs nails which she hates but Dr Stuart was so wonderful with her she let him do it , it was great, my girl loved him.

Leanne Macdonald
February 28, 2024

Dr. Sara Jacobs

This is the second time that Dr. Sara Jacobs came out to visit my boy Roy.
Her attentiveness, bed side manner, friendliness & the way she spoke about the information that she had already researched prior to our visit was second to none! I couldn’t recommend Sara enough for her professional experience. She took the time needed to consult and deliver the prognosis & a plan for the future appointment/s.
Many, many thanks to u Dr. Sara Jacobs.
So highly recommended 💕

Jeanette Borg
February 27, 2024

Dr Beshoy was very attentive

Dr Beshoy was very attentive and friendly.My kitten was calm considering she hates visitors I was happy with the home visit

Penny Fruzakis
February 26, 2024

Happy dog, Happy Customer

Our dog is elderly with a heart problem. He gets very distressed at the best of times visiting our local vet but didn’t want to subject him to that unnecessarily. Sadly, they do not do home visits so I googled and came up with Pawssum. Very easy to book an appointment on line. Tamara came and she was wonderful. Doggie got a little distressed when he realised what she was here for but overall, I was very happy with how he reacted and Tamara was exceptional. Will definitely use them again when required.

Rhonda Brain
February 21, 2024

Gentle, respectful service

Stephen, the vet who attended for Benny’s euthanasia, was superb. I was very grateful for his gentle, respectful approach, and on that basis I would recommend Pawssum without hesitation.

I wish you well in your business.

Madeleine Camilleri
February 21, 2024

Goodbye Bailey

Dr Stephen gave our old dog Bailey a lovely quiet and peaceful death at home. There was no distress either for the dog or for us. Thank you.

Mary Elliott
February 21, 2024

very happy with the service

Very happy with the service. All went well.

Melissa Bradbury
February 21, 2024


Absolutely hands down the most compassionate and kind farewell for my 16 yr old cat Coco. THANK YOU!!!

Julieanne Morris
February 19, 2024

Toffee Champion

Dr. Shagufta was truly lovely. She was very gentle with toffee, myself and my partner. The whole process was lovely. My wishes were respected, when I asked not to be rung as I could not speak that was acknowledged. Speaking with Mae through the online chat in the morning was helpful. She was soft, tender and offered sympathy. when she asked me to give her my number so someone could call me and work it out, I asked not to be called. She respected that, and offered alternatives for communication. I appreciated Dr. Shagufta rang, at that time I was able to speak, to discuss what visit she was coming to do. We were able to change the consult after a discussion with her. She helped us to say goodbye to Toffee and even softly shared her own experience. Dr. Shagufta has said to Toffee he could meet her furry there at the rainbow bridge. For me, it also felt more personal that she did not use gloves. It made me feel like she was a friend who had come over to support us all at this moment. Dr. Shagufta explained, after the consultation, that it was her second Euthanasia for the day, and she usually does not do that. That must have taken a huge toll on her. I hope she was okay after. We had arranged for transport though the person offering that was held up in traffic, I actually preferred the idea that Dr. Shagufta took Toffee with her. She placed him so gently in the basket and put the blanket over him. She treated him like he was still with us and just unwell. Although it was one of the most tragic days in my life and I was sharing it with a person I had never met, I am grateful that it was Dr. Shagufta. She will forever stay in my heart and be part of my final visions of Toffee Champion.

Richelle Champion
February 19, 2024

Thankyou for your service

I was so appreciative of what Dr Stuart did to calm my extremely anxious girl, he was truly amazing.
I have unfortunately had to go down the path of euthanasia too many times but yesterday was different and I thank Dr Stuart for his compassion and empathy.

Gaylene Henke
February 19, 2024


We are so grateful to Pawssum for providing this calm, professional at-home euthanasia service. We feel it was the best possible way for our lovely cat to reach the end of her time with us, in her own home, in our arms.

Pawssum provided a kind, caring service from the first phone call. All the staff were helpful and considerate at an emotional and difficult time for us. We felt very supported as we came to this decision; and Dr Elena was so respectful to our cat, and us, we felt safe and calm as the process unfolded. Totally recommend the service.

Leanne Radojkovich
February 13, 2024

Dr Julie was incredibly friendly

Dr Julie was incredibly friendly, kind and informative when vaccinating my two cats at such short notice. Super positive experience, she is a great asset to your company! Thank you

Kate Simmons
February 13, 2024

Dr beshoy was very nice

Dr beshoy was very nice and caring and made the experience very nice cannot thank him enough

Grant Campbell
February 12, 2024

Fantastic service

Dr Stephen did an amazing job helping my scared and badly injured cat. He was extremely gentle with her and was able to help. Thank you Dr Stephen and Pawssum for continually following up and keeping me in the organizing the home visit. I really don’t know what I would have done without this service!

Tertia Weilers
February 12, 2024

Vet was very respectful

Vet was very respectful of our wishes. Such a sad time for us to say goodbye to our Evo after spending an amazing 18 years with him. 😪😪Would recommend you to anyone who needs to say goodbye to their beloved pet.

Cheryl Harris
February 12, 2024

Respectful service for furbabies

It was time for my mate Poppy to say goodbye,something she and I did not want to do but had to.
On a friends advice i rang pawssum and right away felt that Poppy would be respected during such a hard time.
Robyn that answered my call was respectful and so good in her care in making the appointments and explaing everything.
Vet Dr Edwaudo was prompt and so good in caring for Poppy during her euthanasia process and in his care for our situation.As my old girl was not very trusting i was reassured when she licked him and he made her relax and allow him to check her.He made me feel better for the decision that the time had come and he understood my tears.
The Animal Welfare League staff that collected Poppy for cremation were respectful of us BOTH also.
In such a difficult time all involved made it more peaceful and I can only highly recommend them all.
Thank you to all for your service that allowed Poppy and I to say goodbye at home with less stress than travelling away from home.

Dallen Mahon
February 7, 2024

Dr Emma

Dr Emma was wonderful. She made a very hard and sad decision so caring and peaceful. She didn’t rush us and worked at the pace that suited us. She was so caring and explained everything she was doing and what to expect. She treated our cats with soo much respect las though she had known them for their whole life, and she had never met them before.

Thank you so much for all you did for Chloe and Joey

Debbie Cottrell
February 7, 2024

Thanks for sending Emma

Dr Emma couldn’t have been better. We were under no pressure. It all happened when we were ready. Thank you for putting our Doug the Dog at peace

Eric TREVOR pordage
February 7, 2024

My heartfelt thanks.

My dear dog required euthanasia, and my vet clinic referred me to Pawssum as I thought an in-home service was most appropriate to maintain my dog’s comfort.
I rang Pawssum at 0810 and was offered a 1000 visit.
Dr Edward was extremely considerate and had a lovely manner, both with my dog and myself. He gave a thorough explanation of the process and was very gentle with my dog.
I could not have asked for a better goodbye for my beloved pet.

Wendy Arrowsmith
February 6, 2024


Thank you Kelly for making a very traumatic time having to say goodbye to our beautiful calico Tully after 22 years, more bearable. Being at home made a huge difference.

Kelly is wonderful, professional, caring, gentle and kind. We can’t commend her enough.

Thank you to Tracey and Shayne on the phone for making the arrangements.

Thank you all
Jacqueline ❤️😓

Jacqueline Foster
February 6, 2024

Thank you so much for your Lovely Caring Help during our time of Grief

Thank you so much for Guiding through both times that we have had to say Goodbye to our Darling Peekay in October and our Precious Tilly yesterday. We were raw with Grief and questioning what we were doing but Dr Sharmina gently helped us understand why and what and so we were able to gain a much Appreciated sense of Inner Peace that what we were doing was the right thing to do. Thank you so much Dr Sharmina and I am very sorry that I missed the Name of your Colleague who was as equally supportive and thoroughly professional. Now that we know that you do other Ver services we will be using You for all our Dogs- we thought you only did the Peaceful Euthanasia Services,

Sincerely, The Tam Family

Dianne & Stephen, Stephanie and Stephen Mark Tam
February 6, 2024

I feel lucky

I feel lucky to have found Pawssum, Over the long weekend my dog Charlie became quite unwell. He was being seen by my usual vet and wasn’t getting any better and they were unavailable. I googled and found your company, a huge relief. Right from first contact I felt so grateful someone was able to help me and Charlie. Neil, Eilaine and Dr Edward were so kind and supportive. I knew in my heart Charlie wasn’t going to get well and he was a dog that going to the vet was a big and frightening ordeal for him, so going over the rainbow bridge in his own home with the people in his life around him was the kindest last thing I could do for him. As sad as it is I’d like to thank you for helping me and Charlie x

Bridget Margetson
January 31, 2024

Goodbye Stanley

Pawssum were able to facilitate our needs at short notice. Very caring and compassionate over the phone in what was a distressing time.
Dr Stephen was excellent. He explained the whole process and was very assuring and respectful during this difficult time.

John Anderson
January 30, 2024

Dr Stuart is excellent!

Dr Stuart is a excellent vet, so compassionate and he was so respectful of Bella I couldn’t have ask for a better service thank you

Carol Cox
January 29, 2024

Friendly and accommodating

Big thank you for making something that was extremely difficult an easy, simple process. From the people I spoke to over the phone and Dr Emma who came to our home, you showed so much compassion and understanding and willing to help navigate this process as easy as possible for us while we were going through such a difficult time. As hard as it was to say goodbye to our Bella, we thank you!

Leteisha Daday
January 29, 2024

Fast response

Very pleased to have found and emergency service who responded quickly to my call for help. Skye was much better next day and is now fully recovered, but it was frightening at the time, and i was relieved to have access to immediate assistance.
Thank you

Corinne Henderson
January 26, 2024

Most appreciated

I will recommend this service to all. They could not have done this job in a more loving or caring manner.

David Cornish
January 26, 2024

Highly Recommended

Pawssums were wonderful to deal with. I had called in the morning after making the most dicult decision in having to day goodbye my beloved cat Gypsy.

I had only used their services once before and only recently and so impressed by the vets who attended last time requested for them to reattend as they had built a rapport with us.

The lady who took the booking was extremely empathetic. My booking was confirmed and not long after I received an sms with the time and payment details. This made the process so much easier.

The vet was running a bit late due to traffic so called to let me know which I appreciated.

When they arrived, they were patient and caring and at no time did I feel rushed. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience during this difficult time. It was peaceful and I got to say goodbye to Gypsy in a place she loved in my back garden rather than on some metal table at a vet surgery with the sounds of other animals and people.

For years I had been taking Gypsy to a vet and only wished I had found Pawssum a lot earlier. Having them come to the home saving unnecessary stress on Gypsy travelling in the car and being in a strange place.

I would definitely recommend Pawssum, thank you!

Justine Landeryou
January 26, 2024


Could not fault the vet he was so pleasant and does a very good job.

Leanne Elliott
January 26, 2024

Vet visit at home

Thank you for the absolute speedy response and visit for our Dog. We are so happy with the service we received from Dr Beshoy. He was professional and so helpful.

Serena Schutte
January 26, 2024

Stephen was professional and patient

Stephen was professional and patient while my family said good bye to Chubz.
It was a difficult time and Stephen made the process easier.
Highly recommended!!
Thank you again

Sam Grasso
January 26, 2024


Stephen was extremely professional and patient while we said goodbye to Ziggy.
It was an intense and emotional moment and we were very grateful we could do it at home.

Dee zavattiero
January 25, 2024

Highly recommend

The pawssum service was absolutely fantastic. There was a quick response from the first phone call to the vet arriving at our house. Dr Shagufta was amazing- calm, caring and wonderful, explaining all steps. We didn’t feel rushed and even our children were included in a lovely and understanding way. What a great service all around in such a difficult time. 🐾❤️

Annalena Crook
January 24, 2024

Thank you Dr Emma

Thankyou Dr Emma. You were wonderful with both myself and our beautiful boy. He’s at peace now, no longer in pain. ❤️

Ailsa Miller
January 24, 2024


Thank you so much for your help with Dabs on the weekend… please extend my sincere thanks to Dr Bennett for his wonderful care. Kay Sheridan

Kay Sheridan
January 23, 2024

Brooklyn Talbot-Pai

The veterinarian Dr. Lucy was absolutely amazing. Our house was full of our whānau (Family). She had explained the whole process so clearly, and calmly which made us more comfortable. As much as it broke our hearts to see our big girl go, this veterinarian made it that bit easier for us. My whanau and us, her Mums want to thank this lady.

Mere Talbot
January 23, 2024

Fast and efficient service.

Fast and efficient service by all involved.

Anne Murray
January 22, 2024

Great service, very detailed visit.

Great service, very detailed visit.
Highly recommend!!!

Sam Grasso
January 22, 2024

Home Visit

Very busy as expected for home visits, but vet was well-recieved by our pet until it was time for examinations, and quickly forgiven after. I don’t know if there is any higher praise than that.

January 22, 2024

Home visit

Dr Katie is amazing as is your service. My dog Marley is my soul mate and Dr Kate was so kind and caring. I can’t recommend your service enough and have done so to friends.
Thank you from a very grateful pet parent.

Jan Pike
January 18, 2024

A very professional and sympathetic service

Making the decision to say good bye to my best mate was extremely difficult, the thought of having to take him to the clinically cold environment of a veterinary clinic was not an option I could deal with.
Pawssum provided a very professional service in my house, my boy passed in his home, on his favorite mat with no stress surrounded by those who loved him. I am very grateful

Ian Roberts
January 18, 2024

Leo Brooks

The respectful and caring manner of all staff concerned made a horrible situation less traumatic than it may otherwise have been. Dr Peter in particular was outstanding and we can’t thank him enough.

With best regards and much appreciation
Beryl Brooks

Beryl Brooks
January 17, 2024

Thank you!

Dr Stuart was great. He made a horrible moment as good as it could be.. he was very calm and softly spoken but still explained everything that was happening and was going to happen. After it was done he quietly slipped away and left us to grieve. Many thanks.

Danny Wood
January 17, 2024

prompt, efficient and professional service

prompt, efficient and professional service. could not fault.

Steve Ibbotson
January 17, 2024


Supportive Dr. Bahaa made everyone comfortable and as stress free as he could, explained whole process and made Harley feel comfortable

Nicole Oswald
January 16, 2024

Appreciated the direct answers

Appreciated the direct answers to our questions and ease booking with Pawssum in a difficult situation compared to other services who were unclear and ambiguous, often giving the impression they were trying to take advantage of our vulnerability. The agent we spoke with was patient and did their best to support us with making the booking. Thank you.

Ian Stokes
January 16, 2024

Great vets

Great communication and service. Vet Tamara was loving and caring with my 18yo cat. Will be using this service once a month for arthritis injections.

Lisa Randell
January 16, 2024

Highly recommended

It was a very difficult time for us but Dr Beshoy was so gentle and caring with Mook, our 13 year old staffy. She passed peacefully and we are very thankful.

Therese Carter
January 16, 2024

Excellent service.

Excellent service. Dr Nick was kind and compassionate to both us and our dog. Our dog passed very peacefully and the whole process was a positive experience given the circumstances. I would definitely recommend and use this service again should we need it in the future. Thank you.

Romony Jeans
January 15, 2024

We Love Dr Julie

Dr Julie has an amazingly calm presence with your pets. She is so friendly and wonderful to talk to. We will always ask for her when using Pawssum.
Thank you for taking such good care of our special Gizmo who is so loved by many members of our family, he’s already looking so much happier.
A+ customer service

Janae La Sala
January 11, 2024

Great service

Great service came within a hour of me calling

Denice Gallagher
January 10, 2024

Professional service

The service we received for our gorgeous dog Earl was nothing short of excellent.
Dr Stephen was so thoughtful and gentle and put my partner and I at total ease .
The passing was so painless and done with total respect ,we couldn’t have asked for anything better.
Thankyou so so much Pawssum 👍👍

Darren Lewis
January 10, 2024

Fantastic service yet again

Second time we have used Pawssum. What I can say. Excellent service, on time, friendly, kind, professional, absolutely understand our cats, put them at ease, would not hesitate in using again. Dr Julia is a gem. Better than waiting at the vets. Love your service. Thank you Simon from Northcote

Simon Gray
January 10, 2024

Pawssum were really good

Pawssum were really good when I had to put our beautiful family dog to rest. Very professional, friendly & explained everything that would happen. I thank Pawssum for their support during this sad time for my family.

Julianne Bavister
January 10, 2024

I highly recommend home vet visit

Our lovely cat, called Otis is 18 years old. He gets very anxious in the car, so we organised a home visit. Dr Stephen came and checked his health and wellness, he was very kind and gentle and left us some notes for issues to look out for.

We will definitely use this service again when we need it in the future. Thank you!

Tracey Lamb
January 10, 2024

Thank you

We knew that the time was coming when we would have to face the reality that it was time for our beautiful little 16-year-old dog to leave this world. We hoped that she would go peacefully in her sleep but of course that never happened. Phoebe was so nervous about going to the vet, so we decided that we would use a home euthanasia service. We are so glad that we did. Dr Stephen came to our house at 11.30 at night to help Phoebe pass away peacefully. She was so calm after the first injection that having the final injection was easier to cope with. Phoebe passed away peacefully in my arms. Dr Stephen was such a kind and considerate person. He made us feel comfortable with the whole process and we cannot thank him enough for his support. I would certainly recommend Pawssum. At a time when you are very emotional, the service and support was excellent. Thank you.

Erin Osbourne
January 8, 2024

Thank you for sending Dr. James

Thank you for sending Dr. James and Julie to my home to provide a gentle end of life for my dog, Honey. I was very impressed with their kindness and competence.

Carole Lorraine Smith
January 7, 2024


Kiri, Thank you so much for being reasonable about the $30 I really appreciated your understanding and hands on approach regarding this, keep up the great service. Will definitely recommend Pawssum to my friends and family.

Lisa Evans
January 7, 2024

Excellent,Second time called pawssum Vet

Second times called pawssum Vet to home service, exelent care,
Excellent service. Thanks.
Dr Steven was so excellent.

Suncica Popovic
January 7, 2024


Thanks so much for always being so kind and caring. Violet is our baby British bulldog(8yrsold) and has not had an easy life so is always worried at vet time.
Dr. Tamara always manages to settle her down and does what she needs to do without any undue worry for Violet.

Janice jarmany
January 6, 2024

Dr Tamara – thank you

Dr Tamara attended the home for a peaceful dog euthanasia for my beautiful, nearly 12 year old Pup, Kade. It was an incredibly difficult time and the way in which Dr Tamara treated the already delicate situation with kindness and compassion was just what was needed.

Leah Johnson
January 3, 2024

great service from Dr Kel

Dr Kel came to our house very quickly and was able to help our very scared new kitten. She gave us great advice about things we could try as well as treatment on the spot, and showed us how we could handle our kitten. She also followed up with us. We highly recommend her. It was a great experience and helped our kitten and us immensely. Thanks so much.

Frances Neville
January 3, 2024

Caring services

Thank you for helping with such sad heartbreaking experience on Christmas day. Such a caring vet came so quickly and respectfully to the home to send my pom pom across the rainbow bridge to meet my daughter. For my first experience ever putting a loved one to sleep we felt she was very much looked after.

Katrina Gavan
December 29, 2023

Excellent service

Excellent service

Chris Georgiou
December 29, 2023

Saying goodbye is hard

For what is definitely the hardest most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life Dr Bahaa was extremely compassionate and went out of his way to try and make the experience as comfortable as possible. He treated my baby boy Douglas with the utmost respect and explained everything that would happen so there were no surprises. I was also given as much private time as I wanted and in no way felt rushed. I’d also like to note that for personal reasons I chose to take Dougie into the clinic and Dr Bahaa was only to happy to accommodate me with any thing I wanted that was going to help me with this devastating time. If you are reading this because you are weighing up your options I would not hesitate in recommending their services.

Sandra Just
December 28, 2023

Great service

Kelly is great, always turns up on time. Dogs love her.
The service is so convenient for our busy lives. Kelly comes to our home after hours, no racing around to get to the vets. And she is always on time.

Pieter Price
December 27, 2023

I am so grateful my

I am so grateful my Bella ended her suffering. Dr Bahaa was so kind and gentle . The contact I had was very appreciated and very professional. The team are so supportive and I am forever grateful . Thank you. I think you are the Best Highly Recommended your services …

Karen Joy Maiolo
December 27, 2023

Reassuring professional and kind

Best service helping both pet and owner

Christina Wigan
December 22, 2023

A dignified ending for our boy

We had to have our beloved husky put to rest due to illness, he was well cared for and went so peacefully. It was done with dignity and respect,
Thank you, our boy got a dignified ending and is resting peacefully in the great beyond.

Kimberley Roberts
December 21, 2023

Saying goodbye to our precious cat

Dr Nicholas was so gentle, compassionate and considerate when we had to say goodbye to our precious cat. We really appreciate how respectful and kind all the staff were, from taking my call to coming to our home. Thank you so much to Dr Nick and all the staff involved

Sandra Foxcroft
December 19, 2023

Saying goodbye to Hugo

Dr Stephen was so gentle, compassionate and considerate whilst we said goodbye to our beautiful family dog Hugo. As far as the service we received we couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you again Dr Stephen.

Debbie and Gary Finemore
December 18, 2023

5 stars

Thank you so much.
Dr Stuart was amazing and treated the whole procedure with compassion and understanding. My big dog was never stressed and went to the next world without any stress

Nathan Skinner
December 18, 2023


Dr Stuart was very kind and thoughtful

Heather Gasmier
December 18, 2023

Very pleased with Dr Bennett

Very pleased with Dr Bennett who helped to euthanize our beautiful pet dog, with empathy and kindness. Definitely recommend this service.

Linda Earnest
December 18, 2023

commendation for Dr Edward re care of Storm Smart 22/10/23

We would like to give a recommendation to Dr Edward and your team for the care of our very loved pet greyhound Storm Smart on the 22/10/23. On the 21st October our dog Storm lost the use of his back legs and was unable to walk or stand. He had quiet a few health problems one being kidney disease and was on a lot of medication. He was then being currently treated by the Austin Vet Specialist at Mile End who were monitoring him closely with scans, blood tests and medication. Storms legs went on him on a Saturday morning around 9.30. We rang our local vet and they said they were full and to try another vet. We rang another vet and they said to bring him in using a towel. He was in so much pain we could not move him or use a towel as he weighed 40 kilos.No one suggested a mobile vet or could help us further. We searched online and found your company and made an appointment for him which was 10 am the next day. Dr Edward arrived promptly at 10am and quickly assessed the situation. Storm’s condition, age and medication and agreed that the best thing we could do was put Storm down. He advised us that Storm would have no real quality of life. We would like to thank him so much for his very caring and professional manner. What a lovely caring vet. We are so glad we found your company and highly recommend you. Very professional and cannot thank you and your team enough.

Ronda Smart
December 18, 2023

Excellent service. Dr Tamara

Excellent service. Dr Tamara Mallan is calm, professional, well-organised, friendly and informative. I am so pleased to have found the Pawssum vet visit service.

Katy Friend
December 18, 2023

Your service I could not fault

Your service I could not fault, kept me updated and Dr Steven was excellent, very caring.

Ann Trueman
December 15, 2023

Thank you

Thank you for making the worst moment of my life more bearable and being so sweet to my Angel

Kirsty McKay
December 14, 2023

Aftercare for Snowy Proietto

We really appreciate the care given to our beautiful cat Snowy by Doctor Stephen. It is a very sad and stressful time and he understood how we were feeling. Thank you very much for your care of Snowy. Julie Proietto

Julie Proietto
December 13, 2023

Exceptional experience for anxious dog

I was extremely impressed with PAWSSUM from start to finish. Maisie is a very anxious dog who shakes uncontrollably when she visits the vet, so I thought I’d give this a try for her vaccinations, and WOW what a difference. Maisie was super relaxed and didn’t even notice her first injection.
The vet was so calm and gentle and took her time so Maisie could sniff around, I was surprised when Maisie lay right down beside her! As an extra they do a health check including, teeth, ears etc
The booking was simple, within minutes of requesting an appointment online, I was called to confirm my needs and a vet was found on the day and time I requested. I had reminder texts, and a follow up on the day. PAWSSUM was extremely proficient, punctual and proactive in finding a vet to suit the day/time I needed. I will definitely be using them for her next vaccinations, the difference in Maisie’s demeanour was incredible and that made me so much more relaxed and happy. Thank you PAWSSUM ! 🐾 🐶

Karen Leithead
December 13, 2023

Word of mouth recommendation is a quality one

Following up on a recommendation for Pawssum services from a neighbouring dog lover has given our darling dog, my true best four legged friend peace at last. Knowing she could be put to rest at home with her family, removed the distress for me and the vet lived up to my expectations in every way possible. Compassionate, professional and and did the very best euthanasia service for my dog, Hope. I recommend Pawssum and the consultation provided by the vet with my whole heart.

Anna Riddell
December 13, 2023

Beautiful experience

The experience we had with your team was beautiful given the circumstances. Both the lovely vet and the staff on the phone were so compassionate and respectful.
Thank you for supporting us through this very difficult time 🙏🏼🐾

Liliana Rico
December 12, 2023

Thank you

Thank you for making a very hard and emotionally charged experience so easy, so calm and so professional.
It was simple to book online – and this method is definitely preferred when emotions are high (and it’s hard work just to talk on the phone).
The vet was incredibly gentle and took every consideration to look after me and to ensure the experience was as stress free for my cat, as possible.
I’m so grateful for Pawssum and the very professional and understanding team.
I’d recommend your service to everyone – it was lovely to have my very old kitty in such good hands at a very difficult time.
Thank you

Rebekka Batten
December 12, 2023

Great service

The decision that it was time for my elderly dog to go was the saddest thing ever.
Thanks to Dr Tamara and Pawssum for making this a peaceful passing and a little easier xxx
Would highly recommend this service.

Peta Currie
December 12, 2023

It was very difficult for us

It was very difficult for us. The vet that was sent to us was fantastic, he was so caring
And understanding. He made sure that my dog was relaxed before he was euthanised. Thank you for your help.

Nina Comer
December 11, 2023

so grateful

Dr Bahaa came to our house , having booked him in the month before, I was terrified, I knew it was our only choice, he was perfect in everyway. Gave me and the grandkids time, we never felt pushed, Maggie had some chocolate smarties. She was delivered to us a week later. Beautiful framed paw print, and other things as keepsakes, much appreciated, again thankyou very much

Anita Knowles
December 11, 2023

This difficult time made easy

This difficult time was made as easy as possible for us. Emma was absolutely lovely.

Bianca Elliott
December 8, 2023


Our baby Holly had a peaceful passing in her home . Dr Beshoy was caring and allowed us the time to say goodbye to our girl. They are handling everything for us. It’s a nicer experience than a cold veterinary office.

Narelle Cambey
December 7, 2023

Brock’s passing at home

Pawssum answering the phone at 6.30am Sunday morning was a blessing as it was an emergency. Dr Beshoy was considerate, kind and gentle. I’m so relieved we could say goodbye at home, it’s such a distressing experience, being at home with our own blakets and toys was important. Dr Beshoy wrapped him with his ball, lamb and bear and carried him out like a baby.

Clair Wilson
December 6, 2023

Pawssum were very easy to deal

Pawssum were very easy to deal with and very compassionate.
Dr Tamara was amazing and very
Kind to my Bella and myself.
Highly recommend Pawssum

Kym Drury
December 5, 2023

Good service and compassionate

Great service and compassion. Communication was very good. Made it easy to say goodbye thank you.

Michael Clement
December 5, 2023

Amazing service and compassionate

Thank you for a compassionate and thoughtful experience. Dr Cooper showed empathy & kindness to us & our pet & explained everything as he went along. It was peaceful and there was no trauma for anyone involved and he treated our pet with so much kindness & tenderness. Highly recommend this service to anyone who requires it.

Kerrie Van Eeken
December 5, 2023

Great service, showed compassion

Great service, showed compassion and treated our little one with respect through the whole process

Chris Cox
December 4, 2023

Great service!

Great service, really liked Dr Avi, very approachable, will def not hesitate to call in again.

December 1, 2023

Very happy

Very happy, with the service, bobby has recovered with the treatment that was prescribed

Tina Chiodo
December 1, 2023

Thank you for your great service

Thank you very much for the fast, friendly and efficient service provided by Dr Edward
This is only the second time we have used your service, and we will definitely use it again, and highly recommend it to others.

Thank you from Roz and N’Koha

Roz Gertz-Johnson
November 30, 2023

Thank you for the help.

Thank you for the help. I will recommend this service to people and will use this service again when needed. Thank you again.

Kylie Richardson
November 28, 2023

Great to have home visit

I wasn’t comfortable moving or lifting my dog to get to an emergency vet so this was a great option for us. Vet was thorough and gentle with Iggy. Thank you

Megan Brown
November 28, 2023

Fantastic service

Dr Stephen was very helpful in informing us of Axel’s condition. He provided us with some helpful advice on what he needed to get better

Sarah Camilleri
November 28, 2023


I was very happy with the consult, everyone was very understanding and patient. Had trouble with not actually getting a face to face consult, but phone consult was excellent, the vet was very considerate as I was deeply distressed about Daisy, would use this service again.

Christine Ann Coner
November 28, 2023

Lovely vet

We had Dr Stephen visit to help us say goodbye to our WGS. We had a few questions and he was incredibly patient and kind. He was very knowledgeable and sweet with both our sick dog and our (lovely but annoying) husky who wanted his attention.

He also took the body out to the car so we didn’t have to see her once she’d been moved, and was just incredibly considerate.

Hope Corrigan
November 27, 2023

Beautifully handled

Thank you to the team,it made a tough time easier.

Laetitia Shand
November 27, 2023

Thank you Pawssum

Thank you for providing such a quick and simple service to assist in a hard time.

Tracey was caring, kind and knowledgeable, as well as very clear about processes and costs during booking over the phone and Dr Kel was overwhelmingly wonderful throughout the euthanasia procedure, she brought a sense of peacefulness with her through the door.

Will thoroughly recommend Pawssum.

Melinda Gill
November 24, 2023

Dr Cooper was so nice and very compassionate

Dr Cooper was so nice and very compassionate helping me to Jessica to sleep. I wish to thank all staff for their kindness and Support. Thank you.

Natalie Rouvray
November 23, 2023

Thank you

Dr Bahaa was very compassionate and caring not only for our old dog but for us as well.

Joy Carlisle
November 22, 2023

Very kind and compassionate help

My beautiful dog had leukaemia and started to rapidly decline after hours. Two vets attended the appointment and we’re very accommodating and supportive with the hard decision that had to be made. Dr. Sharmila took the time to ensure I understood the process and was very reassuring and kind. She made a huge difference in what was such a hard time. I am very grateful.

November 22, 2023

Thank you very very much

Hello Elaine, Julia & especially Dr Shelley

I just wanted to pass on my profound gratitude for your understanding and caring assistance in an extremely difficult time for me. Offering such kindness and dignity for my Mum’s dearest cat Bella is greatly appreciated.

Your communication and service throughout was exceptional.

Many thanks

Debbie Keith
November 22, 2023

A difficult situation made easier

Dr Pete was very caring and respectful, he explained the entire process as we went along and made sure everything was the way we wanted it. We would highly recommend.

Ann-Maree Wilson
November 21, 2023


Very good service. Dr.Shagufta was excellent and very helpful.

Peter Krech
November 20, 2023

Outstanding care and service

Dr Bahaa was so kind, gentle and genuinely compassionate in assisting our family to say goodbye to our very much loved family dog.

We couldn’t have asked any more, thank you.

Mike Attiwill
November 20, 2023

Absolutely love pawssum

Absolutely love pawssum and their exceptional veterinarians. Julie is absolutely an amazing vet. She shares your love for animals and is very professional. Thank you so much Julie for making a very devastating time a blessed moment. My boy (cat) nearly made it to his 17th birthday which was next month but his cancer was worsening and I couldn’t bare to see him in pain even though he was still full of life. Love you skittles run free in pet heaven ❤️❤️❤️

Shirley Anne Tua
November 20, 2023

Beautiful Sweet Loving Wilson

At such a difficult time, thank you Dr Beshoy for helping our beautiful girl over the rainbow bridge. My girl passed quietly, calmly, peacefully and for that I thank you. Your compassion and care showed to us was lovely. The aftercare service was more than our expectations. The package I recieved my girl back in was absolutely beautiful. Thank you again. This service is gold. Miss you my girl RIP love

Bronwyn Jarvis
November 17, 2023

For Reggie

Thanks to Dr Beshoy for sending our boy over the rainbow bridge. It was the hardest day we have had in a long time, the process was explained and not rushed. Run free dear Reg, we love and miss you terribly.

Renee Nightingale
November 16, 2023

Taking care of Ron

What an excellent service.
How wonderful that a VET can come to your home and not stress the cat out more than he already is.

Ona Silas
November 15, 2023

Dogs long sleep

Got to be the saddest day we’ve had in a while ,but our lovely
Vets were there and explained the process and eased our pain
We got to say AAA plus
These guys are great

Tony Wells
November 14, 2023

Vet was super friendly

Vet was super friendly and caring, gave us all the time we needed and was really gentle and kind.

November 14, 2023

Peaceful end of life

Thankyou Dr Laurel and Pawssum for such a smooth and stress free process. Our 15 year old boy was looked after until the very end with Dr Laurel explaining step by step. She was caring, gentle and allowed us the time to say goodbye. What a peaceful end of life for our beloved dog. Thank you.

Bec van de Paverd
November 14, 2023

Euthanasia Service

When the hard decision came to put our beautiful dog down. We chose the home service from pawssum. The vet that came out was lovely and caring and explained the whole process for us and then gave us time to say our goodbyes. I found pawssum easy to deal with and very caring. I highly recomend them.

Geoff Bednal
November 13, 2023

Thank you for your professionalism

Thank you for your professionalism and kindness during a difficult moment for our family. Your staff were so attentive, responsive, and empathetic throughout the whole process. We would highly recommend your service. Thank you.

November 13, 2023

Very professional and empathetic.

Very professional and empathetic.

Rebecca Ziemelis
November 10, 2023

Wonderful service

Dr Stuart was so lovely and gentle with our dog Willow. He explained everything to us and didn’t rush through his visit. Highly recommend this service. Thank you.

Bernadette Reddaway
November 7, 2023

Dr Peter was amazing

Dr Peter was amazing he really saved my dog she is doing so much better couldn’t recommend him enough

Jodie Whyte
November 7, 2023

Compassionate and gentle

Dr. Beshoy was wonderful in helping us assist our Pug Nibbler across the rainbow bridge. Gentle and compassionate, he was very obviously sympathetic to our strong emotions on the day and he treated our boy like he was his own. I cannot thank him enough, he made a day that was always going to be heartbreaking just that little bit more bearable.

Jonathon Clarke
November 6, 2023

Dr Julia was awesome

Easy booking process, great communication, and vet was able to attend quite quickly on a Saturday, even though it wasn’t an emergency. Our cat Storm has had some recent bad experiences at vet surgeries, which makes him very anxious and a bit aggressive – we were recently told we would have to sedate him heavily to bring him in for a consultation. We booked a home visit with Dr Julia and it was amazing – he was very happy in his own environment, and just thought Dr Julia was giving him lots of cuddles. Dr Julia was very knowledgeable, kind & caring. She came up with some very helpful suggestions on how to proceed with his condition, and left me feeling very reassured.

Nicky Rooney
November 6, 2023

Very compassionate.

Dr Stuart was just so warm and kind to our elderly cats needs. We did end of like care for 4 weeks. He made sure she was comfortable. And returned on our request. So glad we found a vet service that came to our home. Thanks so very much. R.I.P Ziva.

Gail Cook
November 6, 2023

Genuine and Gentle

Pawsumms is the most wonderful service.
To have Dr Tamara come to our home took away the clinical aspect and it was a more relaxing experience for Ethan our 15 year old spoodle and our family . Dr Tamara came out and watched Ethan for quite a while ,I had asked for her to come for a Quality of life assessment She had seen him a few times towards the end.
Sadly it was time to let Ethan pass.
I had asked for Dr Tamara there was no other vet I wanted at this incredibly sad time in our lives and am grateful that she was so patient and genuine. I’m so glad I chose a home passing it was also very special.

Raelene Farrugia
November 6, 2023

Highly recommend Dr Beshoy

Dr Beshoy was very patient and understanding with both my Rosie and myself. As hard as the process was to say goodbye, Dr Beshoy was able to give my much loved Rosie a very peaceful departure to doggie heaven.

Christine Barnes
November 6, 2023

Thoughtful and Kind

Dr Stuart was so compassionate and gentle during our quality of life assessment and then enabled us to provide a peaceful loving goodbye to our beloved Labrador, when the time was right. Highly recommend this service as a stress free way for our pets to be offered quality care.

Tarnia MCDowall
November 6, 2023

Great come to you service!

Dr Kaitie was fantastic, really appreciated her coming to my home. She’s fantastic with cats, and was so gentle with mine.

Showed me what I needed to do (with cat nail trimming, which I was worried about), and even had my cat coming back for pats despite having just been vet poked and prodding. As a cat owner, you know your cat is okay if they’re accepting Hooman worship after the INDIGNITY of vet examination.

My little black cat says “5 stars; would let her come in the house again (though hopefuly Dr Kaitie doesn’t need to come again any time soon)”.

Cassi S
November 6, 2023

Dr Stephen Bennet

I can not Praise Dr. Stephens Empathy and Love he showed to my Darling Puddah before she crossed over to Rainbow Bridge 🙁 …. he was EXCELLENT & Professional and made such a hard choice as easy as it could be

Kaye Bottomley
November 6, 2023

Service is good

Service is good

Chris Mazzuoli
November 6, 2023

Thank you for such a gentle and kind service

The service was truly wonderful. My cat was given a peaceful euthanasia in the warmth of our home. On a Sunday, Dr. Tamara, the veterinarian, displayed immense warmth, tenderness, and empathy. Very greateful for such kind service.

Kateryna Lavrynenko
November 3, 2023

Great service

James has a great bedside manner and professional approach. Our dog was relaxed and happy. I recommend this service to everyone. No stress process to book appointment.

Richard Cross
November 2, 2023

Fantastic Service

So easy to use and the service and vets are great.
Second time I’ve used them and cannot fault them.
Great service on the day and also follow up call.
Awesome Pawssum 🤩🤗

Sonia Giamoncelli
November 2, 2023

Wonderful service

Wonderful service. My cat was euthanized in a warm, peaceful place in my home. The vet Dr. Kel was kind, gentle, and compassionate. She also took the time to come and do the procedure on her day off.

Susan Trudinger
November 2, 2023


Thank you for excellent, kind and professional service throughout Dani’s journey. We can not fault the service we received and will be always greatful for the kindness Dr Kel provided to us all.

Lianne Gyles
November 2, 2023

Thank you, Dr Kate

I would highly recommend this service. We are extremely grateful to Dr Kate for helping us through this difficult process. She was very compassionate and understanding of our grief and answered our questions and explained everything. She gave us all the time that we needed to prepare ourselves for saying goodbye to our beautiful boy, Murphy. Thank you, Dr Kate.

Peter Meyers
November 1, 2023

The compassion and care

The compassion and care shown by the vet during this sad time was appreciated, would highly recommend to anyone who is having to say goodbye to their fur family member.

Amanda R
October 31, 2023

Caring and empathetic

Highly recommend this business and the service they provided. Euthanasia for our elderly cat was very peaceful and although it was very sad, the vet who attended explained every step thoroughly and was extremely caring as she treated our cat, Poppy.

Dee Geurts
October 31, 2023

Easy, quick and compassionate service

We had to make a quick decision to euthanise our beloved cat, I couldn’t bear to speak to someone , and was able to book online, for a vet to come to our home within the hour, late at night. Our vet was lovely, caring, professional and supportive.
I would recommend this service.

October 30, 2023

Calm and peaceful send off for our beloved dog

Thank you to Dr Stephen who made the whole process so calm and professional and personal.
I am so glad that I made the decision to have Dr Stephen come to our home where our dog felt most comfortable.
It was a very emotional day however using pawssum made the end of life for our dog a lot less stressful and very calm. I highly recommend this rather than driving to the local vet.
Thank you Dr Stephen and pawssum 🙏🐾🙏

Tanya Chiera
October 30, 2023

Beautiful at home send off for our beloved Moses

Thank you for a very calm yet sad situation for our dog. It was the best feeling knowing that he had me by his side as he passed.
Highly recommend 🙏

Tanya Chiera
October 30, 2023

Couldn’t ask for better

The whole process was very professional and compassionate not only to me but also to my boy rocky and i was so glad i chose for him to go peacefully at home.

Anthony Bloomfield
October 30, 2023

Dr Sara was absolutely amazing.

Dr Sara was absolutely amazing. She diagnosed our dog quickly and advised clearly and precisely on a course of action. Very grateful that she was available to visit us at home, which allowed for me to continue working which also helped reduce the stress. Could not be happier with the service. Very grateful for her time and service.

Vyna Stonehouse
October 27, 2023

The vet was nice.

The vet Dr. Bahaa was a nice guy. Easy to chat with. Buddy, my dog loves him. And he was very helpful.

Cameron Fels

Cameron Fels
October 27, 2023


Dr Beshoy was incredibly kind & considerate in what was a very difficult time for our family. I really could not have asked for a more peaceful goodbye. Thank you Pawssum.

Brooke Lawson
October 27, 2023

Best service, Thank you.

Dr Stuart, you are such a kind and empathetic Vet. Thankyou for making Oscars passing easier. Highly recommend Pawssum as a very professional well run, friendly business. Thank you very much.

Ann Cude
October 26, 2023

First Time User

Extremely happy with the support we got. Once placing the late evening call, Dr Steve was at our doorstep within 90mins. He was very caring and thorough with our Kavoodle pup Charlie and also gave us great advice moving forward. Thanks Pawssum (and Dr Steve) for the fantastic support. It’s reassuring knowing there is a team of professionals providing an at home service…..many thanks ..Joe and Andrea (and Charlie)

Joe Calello
October 24, 2023

Very happy

Enjoying her retirement years, I wanted to transition my cat to an at home service to reduce stress. Booked Sunday afternoon for Monday, couldn’t have been easier.

Great communication and Dr Stephen was very helpful and lovely with a very wary fluffball. Took the time to show care and provide and excellent service.

Will definitely be back.

October 24, 2023

Urgent vet mobile call

Dr Tamara was fantastic! She was very empathetic and had a lovely manner with our dog. She provided very good advice and a follow up report so we can give this to our local vet to assist with the ongoing care of our dog.
We are very grateful for her assistance.

It would just be great if there were mobile vet services earlier in the day if need be.

Danielle Ridley
October 24, 2023

Wonderful and Compassionate

The booking process was so easy, the girls on the phone and email were caring. Dr Kel was just lovely and she provided her services with gentleness and kindness. If you need to utilise this service don’t even hesitate to use Pawssum. Thank you so much.

Shellie May
October 23, 2023

Passing of Puss

I am very grateful to Pawssum and particularly to the wonderful vet for the peaceful passing of Puss.

Sheryl Harrington
October 23, 2023

Dr Stuart was so gentle

Dr Stuart was so gentle with our lovely Peppa. Talking to her and preparing her for every step of her peaceful euthanasia at home.
This was also very reassuring for us to know what would happen.
From the first phone call everyone was kind & compassionate to our situation.

Fiona Hartley
October 23, 2023

The care given to my Triny

I would like to Highly recommend Dr vet Bahaa. My cat Triny who traveled Australia with me for 17 years, even went sailing on fishing boats, had to say goodbye last Tuesday. Dr Bahaa showed empathy/compassion, not only to Triny but to me as well. His work was not finished until he saw me safely drive away heading for home. For such a difficult decision to make it was the best experience I could ever have had in that situation. I would also like to thank the gentleman that I initially contacted and other staff online that made my cats last days as smooth as possible. Thank you once again.

Felicity Barwood
October 19, 2023


Nadine was fabulous. Customer service from pawssum was wonderful and prompt. I wld highly recommend pawssum.

Mandy Ohayon
October 18, 2023

I would highly recommend pawssum.

I would highly recommend pawssum. The vet was very caring and had a lot of patience for my dog that wasn’t very happy.

Beverley Paul
October 18, 2023

Thank you for making a difficult day peaceful

I just wanted to send my gratitude to Dr. Lauren who came to euthanize my beloved hen Claire on Saturday.

October 16, 2023

Very respectful and professional.

Very respectful and professional. Thank you for everything. Too sad today more now but feel very grateful to dr Lauren .

Lara Bardsley
October 16, 2023

Thank you for the respect your service has shown.

The Vet provided, Kate, was amazing. Thank you so much. It made both me and my dog feel comfortable.

Meg Dione-Rodgers
October 16, 2023

Resting peacefully

This is still very raw for me and the tears are still falling, but today my sweet 16 year old Miette ( Mimi) was put to rest after a brave fight with breathing issues.
It was an extremely hard decision to make as each day Mimi put on a brave face for me and soldiered on despite her discomfort. I think deep down I knew that she probably didn’t have long but I couldn’t let go of my companion of 16 years and hoped for a miracle.So many memories and so many times where Mimi has been my rock through life’s challenges.
Dr Sara was very patient with me,compassionate with a tender heart. Never rushed me.
It couldn’t have been easy for Dr Sara to deal with my breakdown but she was very understanding and went above and beyond to be kind and gentle. Not something I have ever experienced in a veterinary clinic where I am rushed or met with abrupt or an indifferent manner.
Yes, it would have saved a couple hundred dollars to have the service done at a veterinary clinic but I don’t regret doing the right thing by Mimi…..and that was to keep her comfortable in her own home environment.
Dr Sara provided a calm peaceful end to Mimi’s suffering and for that I am truly grateful.It is what Mimi deserved.
While I now have to learn to cope with the void in my life , I do feel a great sense of relief in the knowledge that Mimi was very much loved, had an amazing life and is now at peace. Mummy’s good girl has earned her rest . Miss you forever my sweet girl. XXXX

Carmen Recke
October 16, 2023


Great service.

Bryce Aujard
October 12, 2023

Dr Tamara – Thank you 🙏

Since adopting our 15 month old Misty 6 weeks ago, we were a tad concerned about her ravenous appetite and her constant scratching. She also had a small lump on her lower belly.
Dr Tamara is a lovely, caring Vet with 25years experience, full of great tips and advice, reassuring us that Misty’s lump was from her de-sexing op and at a site where her stitches were – this can take a few months for complete healing with the stitches dissolving under the skin.
Her scratching is possibly to an allergic reaction to a particular dry food ingredient, we will switch her over to Hills to alleviate her troublesome itching.
And we are purchasing a slow feeder to ensure she is chewing properly. Reducing her food intake, as she’s becoming a little pudding ☺️. Thank you for excellent customer service Pawssum, we highly recommend your expertise 🙏

Fleur Letlastier
October 12, 2023


I love this service. Socrates Hates going in the car, and is so stressed by the time we get to a vet. I just don’t want to put him through that, not when there is a great alternative which is Pawssum. Socrates is relaxed, I’m relaxed. They took the time to get to know him. I recommend Pawssum everytime.

Thankyou Pawssum.

Rikki Lund
October 11, 2023

Excellent service

We were very grateful to be able to access this service so that our 17 year old nervous cat could leave us peacefully from her favourite blanket on our bed. Dr Kel was very professional and kind and the whole process was really well organised including a seamless hand over to the company taking little Cleo away for cremation and return to us in an urn. So much more peaceful than a car trip to a busy vet.

Emma Fielder
October 11, 2023

Kind and gentle

I was so grateful that Dr Beshoy was able to come yesterday. He examined my senior cat very carefully and gently and explained her situation with me. He explained the options clearly so that I could make up my mind as to what was best. I decided that her time to pass had come and she peacefully passed away on my kitchen bench with the utmost kindness, gentleness and care. It was extremely upsetting for me but Dr Beshoy’s kindness with my Daisybelle helped me through. Thank you all at Pawssum.

Kate Woolcock
October 11, 2023

Impressive Vet

I was impressive by the vet who came to my sick cat Mcee. She doesn’t like stray especially males. He was so patient and eventually she was calm enough for him to check her out . I love your services. Thank you so much . Regards Margaret and Mcee😻😻🤙🏼

Margeret Houston
October 9, 2023

Kellie was supremely professional

Kellie was supremely professional and punctual and that made the process extremely stress free.

She made us feel at ease and our beautiful dog left us peacefully and calmly.

Gillian DAVIS
October 9, 2023

Such Empathy

From the booking through to Dr Pete coming to euthanise our bestest boy, the empathy and care was amazing! Well worth the cost to give a precious family member the best send off possible without stressing him out.

Nick Altieri
October 9, 2023

Dr Stuart was very mindful

Dr Stuart was very mindful of my stress and treated Bella with gentle care. Thank you .

Diane Baker
October 4, 2023

Quick and Kind

Dr Nick from GoVets Greenwood was incredibly kind and patient with my anxious rambling. He made my very scared dog comfortable and was quick to avoid leaving him under sedation for too long. Would absolutely book with him again!

Hope Rosendale
October 4, 2023

Loving care 100%

Dr Stephan
I cannot thankyou
enough your professional loving care was amazing .
Cooper my Gentle Giant
Saint Bernard was peaceful the whole time unaware of what was going on.
I felt so stressed but Dr Stephen helped me to be calm and explained everything .
Cooper wasn’t easy as he had been so sick and wasn’t simple Euthanasia
My beautiful boy had no idea the whole time what was going on.
From start to finish making the call first call .
Everyone was caring and professional to deal with
I certainly recommend this amazing place
Rest in peace my Giant Boy

Susan Redfern
October 4, 2023

A peaceful end

You provided an excellent service. Having to euthanise an old and much loved animal is a tough thing to do. But Dr Kel’s sensitivity and kindness to both my cat and myself and her calm and professional attitude made it so much easier.

Elisabeth Patz
October 4, 2023

From worried to relieved

Dr Pete ( mobile Vet Service) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

So very happy my experience was a positive one.
The attending vet was informative and helpful.
A big thanks for your support and advice.
I will be using this service again.
Koda wasn’t to happy with the thermometer.
He has improved, going from a sick and lethargic pup.
To a ratbag pup that we love.

Catherine Linden
October 3, 2023

Excellent service

Excellent service vet came at night and was extremely kind and help. I would recommend Pawssum to anyone for after hours help.

Peter Bridges
October 2, 2023

The service was excellent.

The service was excellent. Dr O’Sullivan was very knowledgeable and kind and Scooby has now made a full recovery. It was a service that I didn’t know existed until I googled ‘after hours vet’. I have told all my friends with dogs about the service.

Lee Blakers
October 2, 2023

Peaceful euthanasia

Dr Stephen was so kind and caring
Thank you Pawssum for helping to get a vet to us and it was

So Nice to deal with the staff there they were all very

Janette Greer
October 1, 2023

Thank you for your lovely

Thank you for your lovely but very sad service .

Tracey Wilson
October 1, 2023

Fantastic vets

The vet was terrific, very understanding of my needs and my pet, and especially when I had to say goodbye to meggs, he said lovely words to comfort me in time of need. Veterinarian was very sympathetic towards me, and very lovely to talk too.
Would highly recommend this service

Sharon Balnaves
September 29, 2023

Everyone was so caring

Everyone was so caring and compassionate. Dr Singh was wonderful and made Jaffa’s passing graceful and dignified. I would definitely recommend Pawssum for the Euthanasia but the Aftercare is very pricey for what you receive. I would suggest doing research and organizing it yourself.

Vicki McFayden
September 28, 2023


This was the second time we have contacted Pawssum when needing a vet.
Absolutely fantastic service. Would like to say thank you to Dr. Bahaa. I will definitely be using them again. Wonderful service.

Lesley Kennewell
September 27, 2023

An Angel for Rosie

In our anguish at the anticipated loss of our beloved dog, Rosie, you sent us an angel. Dr Kel, was the guiding light in our dark tunnel. We are forever grateful for her compassionate, professional service. Our beloved Rosie could not have been in more caring hands. She made the transition from this world into the next the best possible for our beloved girl. It is a source of great comfort to us in our loss, knowing that we did right by her in having Dr Kel assist our Rosie’s passing. Thank you for linking us with this truly caring vet. Thank you SO MUCH Dr Kel.

Carol Marshall
September 27, 2023


Thank you so very much for being understanding
Dr Edward was absolutely amazing
It was done on Lilly / our terms
Dr Edward treated both Miss Lilly and our family with the upmost respect and dignity
I couldn’t have wished for a more peaceful ending for our Miss Lilly
Thank you again I appreciate everything that you have done for us / Miss Lilly

Vicky Hunt
September 27, 2023

A comfort at a difficult time

I was grateful that Pawssum and Dr Stephen were able to provide such compassionate care to my dear boy Rocky.

All elements of the service were supportive, from booking through discussion of the process. Dr Stephen was very kind to me and exceptionally gentle with my fur baby.

I really appreciated being able to end Rocky’s suffering without adding the anxiety he had with trips to the vet. He went peacefully at home without stress which was so very important to me.

Nancy Baxter
September 20, 2023

Very nice, unscary visit for a very old, reactive & fearful Rottweiler who is getting to the end of his days.

I’ve been very nervous about having a vet see my two large, reactive dogs, as we have had bad experiences before.

However the vet from Pawssum approached very carefully, using all the right body language to keep my (very old) Rottweiler pretty calm, and was able to examine him.

My somewhat younger and very energetic shepherd, (who is also reactive, although less so,) was a little too much for him to examine properly on this first visit, so she is going to get seen another time.

Wendy Langer
September 20, 2023


The vet was amazing. My rottiweiler would not settle and the vet peter just persisted and we finally said goodbye. I’m forever grateful for his efforts. I feel my prayers were answered with this vet. Thank God and thankyou

Sally O
September 19, 2023

So kind

So compassionate and caring
Called on a Sunday evening and had a vet here in just over an hour to peacefully put my dog to sleep.

Pam Hooper
September 19, 2023


It’s was such a hard time in our family at this very sad time and Pawssum made this time very easy 1 phone call and everything was organised we had Pete the vet come to our home and he was truly amazing gentle with our fur baby and also our feelings explained everything before he did it and our whole family was around our boy when he passed in the comfort of our own home I couldn’t have asked for a better way to say goodbye
Thankyou for making it just that little bit easier

Belinda Peacock
September 18, 2023

Pawssum were Awesome

Dr Stephen was fantastic, very professional and gentle with our puppy Pip. The whole process was easy and all went very smoothly. Thanks again to the staff involved and another big Thanks to Dr Stephen.

Loretta Dineen
September 18, 2023

Dr Stuart was lovely

Dr Stuart was lovely with our dog very gentle.

Angela Lowery
September 14, 2023

Great service

2nd time I have used this service and I love it. I have an anxious dog who needed his vaccinations and nails cut. Dr. Tamara was so patient and lovely with my boy. I would highly recommend them

Anne Weightman
September 14, 2023

Quick and compassionate

At 8pm on a Sunday night my cat Junior was very sick and in distress. I was in tears knowing he was dying so I called Pawssum. The ladies that answered the phone were so compassionate and kind and a vet was at our house an hour later. The vet was so wonderful and gave our boy a peaceful ending. I am so grateful to the team at pawssum for helping us so quickly. Thank you so much.

Katherine Anna Stirnimann
September 13, 2023

Thank you

I just want to say thank you to Dr Edward for being so gentle putting my dog Chess to sleep when it was such a traumatic event.
I was concerned ringing such a big online company but it had come with recommendations and I was so grateful I could make a booking so quickly and easily in the evening. Thank you again ❤️

Sarah Tomkins
September 13, 2023

Excellent home visit review

I was very impressed with the service provided for our cat Lilly. Lilly was very ill and we couldn’t get into the weekend vet. Pawssum arrived with the hour gave her medicine to last until she could see her regular vet the following day.
We were so grateful to be able to get an appointment at such short notice.

Debbie Rath
September 13, 2023

Nala 16 year old Am Staffy Awesome Girl

Pawssum Staff on the phone were very compassionate and very helpful showed empathy and very delicate The Vet Dr Bahaa that came to my home was absolutely amazing spent time examining and explained every thing very caring and loving and compassionate towards my Girl Nala and myself it was heartbreaking decision to have her rest now in peace thank you to all involved just waiting now for my Girls Ashes to be brought back home to us

Nicolaos Rounis
September 13, 2023

Giving our furkid his wings

We have lost two precious fur babies this year. Dr Tamara allowed them to pass with dignity and care.

As hard as this is for any animal lover, it’s soothing and reassuring to let your animal pass in your own home.

We had Charlie for an amazing 18 years, he was 20/21 when he passed over. Our life is so different now and we miss him so much.

Thank you Dr Tamara and Pawssum for giving us time to say goodbye, reassure us and treat Charlie with the respect he deserved.

Debbie Mole
September 13, 2023

most compassionate

All I can say is Doctor Stephen is one of the most compassionate and understanding person doing this absolute heart wrenching job. Please thank him for me

Robyn Ward
September 12, 2023

To have my little lulu

To have my little lulu after 16 years go so peacefully at home in her bed was what we wanted for her .. so Thank you dr Singh for bieng so caring and understanding at such a difficult time. Have the highest regard for this company and highly recommend them

Leonie Dodds
September 12, 2023

Thank you

Thank you for your compassionate and prompt service.
A difficult time for our family was dealt with in a kind, calm and organized way.
Highly recommend if you ever need let euthanasia.

Tania Chapman
September 11, 2023

Fantastic! Highly recommended.

This is such a fantastic service! So easy to book an appointment and so helpful and attentive! The vets are amazing, we have an extremely anxious dog who we cannot get to a clinic, the ease of having a vet come to our home is so much better for her! Thank you Pawssum you guys are amazing and we’re so grateful for you.

Kelly Johnston
September 10, 2023

Corona’s Last Day

Dr Beshoy was very compassionate and understanding of our grief. This certainly made the entire process much more bearable for our family.

Thank you

Maria Violatzis
September 8, 2023

Excellent care

Dr Sara was very friendly, thoughtful and thorough. She took time to assess Jasper’s condition and to discuss different options for his care. Very happy with the consultation.

Helen Healy
September 5, 2023

Very happy with the service

I was very happy with the service provided to my sick Spoodle.
The Vet was punctual, efficient, friendly and gave good advice.

Ailsa Martyn
September 4, 2023

Caring and convenient service at a very difficult time

Great service, right for us. Kind and observant vet who didn’t rush and who asked about our beloved cat. Went as well as a very painful experience could go. Made sure she was calm and comfortable. Did a late night visit. All helped at a very hard time
Beforehand: a bit of an awkward mix up and complexity with the billing, my card from normal vet visits was charged.

Sarah Taylor
September 4, 2023

Exceptional service

The vets, Dr. James and Dr. Julie were most caring and wonderfully supportive.
They made what we thought was going to be stressful into a beautiful peaceful moment.
The way they were patient with us and explained everything and answered all our questions.
A very big thank you.
We will definitely recommend PAWSSUM to all

Mark Heywood
September 3, 2023

Kind and caring service

It’s taken me so long to provide a review as my heart was truly broken when we had to let Rusty go. We could not have asked for a better way for him to go. We sat with him on our back deck looking out over the garden. Dr Tamara was kind, caring and efficient. She made a difficult thing to do just that little bit easier. I still miss him like crazy but know in my heart it was time. Thank you for the thoughtful service you provide.

Alison Gray
September 3, 2023

Fantastic service

This is the third time I have used Pawssums. On 2 occasion it was to say good bye to 2 of my elderly cats. The 3rd time it was to care for my eldest and last cat Sabian(my best friend). Dr Stephen was astute, compassionate, kind and friendly to my beloved pets and my elderly mother. The receptionists that took my initial calls very just as caring and compassionate. I am unable to take my eldest cat to the vet anymore as he gets very anxious. I would not hesitate to use Pawssums and I found there rates very fair and competitive. A huge thank you from our family, and our three fur babies, past and present.

Frank Scopelliti
September 3, 2023

The vet was very kind

The vet, Dr. Bahaa was very kind and gentle, and helped make the difficult time of saying goodbye to our much loved cat Nutmeg easier.

Maureen Behrens
September 3, 2023

Very happy with the service

We were very happy with the service provided even at the saddest time losing our beloved family member our lovely vet Dr. Bahaa explained the process to us. He was amazing and helped give a beautiful Charlie a peaceful passing.

Rebecca Sullivan
August 30, 2023

Lucky’s diagnosis and treatment

Lucky’s diagnosis and treatment was explained to us very clearly. The vet Dr. Beshoy showed kindness and respect towards Lucky. We trust him to take great care of our dog who is a very important member of the family.

Luisa Robinson
August 30, 2023

Dr Pete was amazing

Dr Peter was fantastic with our injured greyhound Roger. He was very thorough and helpful. Very much appreciated!!

Jasmine Fardella
August 29, 2023


It really is a great service, really is needed. I found on a Sunday there is no one to help, so your service is essential. The service is quite expensive especially for pensioners but I found it harder if I have to go to the Animal emergency vets. I do have to say Dr Sara was fantastic, she was very helpful and a lovely person. I would use your service again.
Many thanks for your help and assistance.

Barbara Vandenberg
August 28, 2023

Compassionate Service

Compassionate Service
We had to say goodbye to our beloved dog diesel this was extremely difficult. However due to the kind and compassionate service of Dr. Beshoy it all went extremely well. Specially for the other pets that we had in the home. They understood that this was the last time does we’re going to see diesel and it was such a beautiful thing that we had to do it at home, and I found it was more calm and relaxing being in he’s own environment.

Melissa koval
August 28, 2023

Compassionate Service

We had to say goodbye to our beloved cat Zoe, this was extremely difficult. However due to the kind and compassionate service of Dr. Shadi. We were able to say our goodbyes in the knowledge that her suffering is ending, which made the process just that little bit easier.

Nicole Wilhelm
August 28, 2023

Best vet and service we have ever had

The vet Dr Stuart is the best vet we have had so far. He takes care when handling our cat, even though she can be tricky. He takes the time to listen and is very empathetic. Even though we hadn’t seen him in a year, he remembered everything from our last appointment and seemed invested in her care.

We will always use Pawssum now for vet services. The team is wonderful and professional to deal with.

D Sherman
August 27, 2023


Dr Stuart visited my home and saved me the dreadful visit to the vet to put my beloved Snoopy to sleep. My family was with me and Snoopy was able to lay on my lap, with my other dog beside. It was respectful, calm, dignified, kind and quick. Dr Stuart was gentle and empathetic. I would not hesitate to use this service again and would completely recommend it to anyone in this terrible situation. Thank you Dr Stuart, I am so grateful to you.

Christine McCarthy
August 27, 2023

Outstanding service

Outstanding service in every respect.

Bill Stronach
August 25, 2023

Pawssum service

During such a difficult time, the service provided was fantastic.
The Vet was compassionate, caring of both our pet and ourselves.
Professional and gentle.

Ian Browne
August 24, 2023


Very professional and punctual. Process was explained well and sound veterinary advice given with respect to pets’ present condition. After care with respect to cremation was very good.

Greg Reedman
August 24, 2023


The service provided excellent care. The vet was very understanding. Would highly recommend it to others.

Terry Hill
August 24, 2023

The vet was excellent

The vet Dr. Bahaa was excellent and extremely caring especially through such a difficult time. Highly recommended.

Melissa Harkness
August 23, 2023

Great service!

The service was great and the way they handle everything was great. Thank you

Wayne Wright
August 23, 2023

Thank you to Dr Julie

Thank you to Dr Julie and Dr James who attended to our sad requirement with sincere compassion and the entire process from booking through to the final outcome was made so very easy for us and all went without fault. We have lost a best friend but in the kindest way possible.

Many thanks again – Corinne & Eric.

Corinne Hall
August 22, 2023

Thank you for a gentle, respectful passing

Dr Stephen attended our elderly dog in her final hours and was so empathetic and kind. He spoke softly and gently to our girl and to our family and gave us all the time we needed to say goodbye. She was never frightened or nervous during the whole procedure. It was the most peaceful and lovely way to farewell our faithful friend and for that we will always be grateful. We can not recommend this service highly enough and send thanks to each member of the team whom we dealt with for their compassion and care.

Danielle Dawson
August 22, 2023

Dr Bahaa was everything we could have asked for

Our elderly cat deteriorated significantly over the weekend leading us to seek the services of Pawssum. Dr Bahaa was everything we could have asked for. He was compassionate and informative providing us with all the information we needed and the space required to process our options. Unfortunately we had to euthanize our cat which we had suspected but hoped against. Again, the respect and compassion afforded to us by Dr Bahaa was exemplary. He made the entire process as gentle and humane as possible. He is a credit to the service and we thank him for his time, efforts and compassion. If this is a mark of the quality of your service, we will definitely use again and recommend to all.

Geoffrey Osborne
August 21, 2023

Dr Stephen is professional

Dr. Stephen is a very professional & expert vet! He was very thorough and lovely with my dog ! His treatment was spot on.

Freda Minas
August 21, 2023

the vet that came was wonderful

The vet Dr. Stuart who came to our house was wonderful. He was very good with both of our dog. He took time to go over them and fixed our fur babies ear up with antibiotics and while there, he even vaccinated them.

Tanya Craig
August 16, 2023

Fantastic service

Fantastic service. My experience with Pawssum is always a very positive one. Delightful team to speak to deal with. Very happy with Dr Beshoy as always.

Michelle Jouvelet
August 16, 2023

Dr Peter was incredibly professional

Dr Peter was an incredibly professional and compassionate vet who helped us through a difficult time.

Niall Price
August 16, 2023

A peaceful death

Dr. Stephen was very reassuring about our decision and made sure my dog was fully sedated and peaceful before proceeding. This helped so much with our grief and I am grateful that my dog was never anxious or afraid.
Dr. Stephen was able to come at short notice on a Sunday night which avoided a night of suffering. This is an excellent service, Thank you.

Maggie Allmand
August 15, 2023

Absolutely Fantastic

From putting our Buffy to rest to her aftercare, it was done with compassion and kindness and it made a difficult time a bit easier so thank you for all you did for us and Buffy, we really appreciate it.

Fiona Leach
August 14, 2023

Prompt service

Prompt with Great service. Very supportive, caring and provides great support. Thank you.

Barry Snyman
August 14, 2023

Very happy with the service

Thank you for keeping me updated, until you found a wonderful, lady vet Dr Julie. Really happy so far. Delighted that my 15yr old cat thought she was wonderful also.
Will recommend your service anytime. Many thanks to all who make Pawssum possible.

Linda Beadle
August 11, 2023

The most beautiful calm send off

I can’t express how grateful I am to Dr Kel for giving us and our adored border collie Indie the most peaceful and calm euthanasia we could have wished for. Dr Kel gives an injection of anesthetic first so that Indie just drifted off to sleep and was even snoring. It was just like her normal bedtime with cuddles and love and neck rubs.
Thank you so much Dr Kel. You were so sensitive to not only Indie’s needs but ours at this very difficult time. I recommend you whole heartedly to anyone else who truly loves their dogs. Thank you!!

Kate Stewart
August 11, 2023

Excellent service

It’s nice to deal with genuine caring people, top quality service all round.

Rob Green
August 10, 2023

pleasant to deal with

I found this company very helpful and pleasant to deal with it at this sad time.

Dawn Lennon
August 9, 2023

Dr Stuart was amazing

Dr Stuart was amazing Cannot thank Dr Stuart enough for his kind and compassionate service. It made everything so much easier for us.

Shannon Pilbeam
August 8, 2023

Excellent service and very compassionate.

Excellent service and very compassionate. Highly recommend.

Daryl Battams
August 8, 2023

Excellent service!

Excellent service from the first phone call to the home visit. Was very understanding with our feelings and decision. Definitely will recommend Pawssum to other family and friends.

Michael Keil
August 8, 2023

Excellent service Dr Shadi

Excellent service. Dr Shadi was amazing. Thank you!

Mimi Yazbek
August 7, 2023

Doctor Stuart was amazing.

Doctor Stuart was amazing and would highly recommend him.

Danny Blair
August 7, 2023


A big thank you to vet Dr. Julie and assistant Dr. James.

Vick Kheerodhur
August 5, 2023

Excellent customer service Dr James

Excellent customer service. Dr James and his nurse were excellent in treating my Siamese cat Samantha. We will always use your services for any animals I will have in the future.

Cheers from Lilly and cat

Lilly Antoneavic
August 5, 2023

Samantha the cat

Thank you to Dr Beshoy for his service. He gave Samantha a peaceful at-home euthanasia. He is very gentle and polite.

Kind regards,

Linda Moerjono

Linda Moerjono
August 5, 2023

Fabulous service! Highly recommended!

Fabulous service! I highly recommend Dr Stuart and Pawssum.

Kerry Marie Griffith
August 3, 2023

Thank you all… Dr Edward is a REAL ANGEL

Thank you all! Dr Edward is a REAL ANGEL. I can’t thank everyone at Pawssum enough for all the genuine empathetic support I received throughout my personal ordeal on that day. A very huge thank you to Dr Edward for his thorough explanation of the procedure, and his genuine patience and empathy throughout. Thank you all so much you are ALL AWESOME!

Cassandra Walker
August 2, 2023

Caring vet

The vet, Dr. Stuart was very caring, considerate and professional. Will definitely use Pawssum again.

Megan Nicholas
August 1, 2023

Dr Stuart was fantastic!

Dr Stuart was fantastic to deal with. I was able to secure a last minute, night time appointment which helped make a stressful situation a lot less stressful.

Dr Stuart was very caring and gentle with my cat who is anxious around people she does not know. He explained everything during the consultation process.

I highly recommend Pawssum and Dr Stuart. Thank you!

Nicole Cannon
July 31, 2023

Thank you!

From the moment I contacted them, they handled the situation with utmost sensitivity and professionalism. The team was incredibly understanding of the emotional toll this decision took on our family, and they made sure to walk us through every step of the process. Ensuring our pet Chiko’s comfort and peace throughout. Dr Stuart who came to our home was a true angel. Exuded with kindness and empathy. Creating a calming atmosphere during such a heart-wrenching time. The procedure itself was handled gently and peacefully, allowing Chiko to pass away with dignity in his familiar surroundings, surrounded by love. There was no rush, and everything was done at our pace. Thank you for looking after Chiko!

Lesina Tamati
July 31, 2023

Dr Beshoy was very professional

Dr Beshoy was very professional and understanding. His approach to the entire situation is to be highly commended. Thank you!

Alex Arkoudis
July 31, 2023

Peaceful farewell for beloved pet

Thank you Dr. Baljinder for your gentle and compassionate treatment of our beloved KT. At 17 and a half years in our care and in our hearts, the last day is never a day we wanted to dwell upon. We are so grateful that with her passing, I held her in my arms. It was so kind and peaceful.

helen jeffery
July 30, 2023

Lovely vets and quick service

Dr Julie and Dr James were lovely to deal with. They explained all the details involved during our anxious cat’s consult and were very thorough.
Very gentle and calm which helped me as much as our cat.
Appreciated their advice and quick appointment time.
Highly recommend Pawssum’s services if you need a vet to come to your home at short notice.

Martha Valsamoulis
July 30, 2023

Dr Stuart. Thank you for your compassion and professionalism

Thank you Dr Stuart for the attention, care and compassion you showed to our family and Harry during this time. We are truly grateful. Harry crossed over peacefully after a brief but rapid illness. Thank you Dr Stuart for your advice, professionalism and care.

Melissa Messenger
July 28, 2023

Special Thank you!

Dr Stuart came to our house and provided a peaceful and respectful service for our dog, who over the past weeks had deteriorated in health. He explained every step in a caring manner and provided us with the time we needed to spend with her. Thank you for this great service.

Sue Muncaster
July 25, 2023

Dr Beshoy was very gentle.

Dr Beshoy was very gentle and compassionate when he attended our home to send our beautiful little boy over the rainbow bridge. He explained everything and gave us as much time as we needed. Thank you!

Jacqui Guinane
July 24, 2023

Thank you for the care and kindness.

Dr Bahaa provided a home-based peaceful passing of our cat Rusty.
We appreciate his care and prompt service. Rusty is now at peace.

Ann Henderson
July 24, 2023

Dr. Kel was fantastic.

Dr. Kel was fantastic. She made a horrible situation bearable. Her absolute primary concern was minimize the stress for my dog. She was so kind and loving. She also looked after me, which I really, really, really appreciated. Please pass on my sincerest gratitude to her. I did not want to say goodbye to my precious dog But she made it as bearable as it possibly could be.

Ruth Mauldon
July 24, 2023

We were blown away!

We were blown away by Dr Stuart’s kindness and compassion during a very difficult time today. He explained, in depth, the process; what he was doing, when and why and was so gentle with our boy throughout.
Dr Stuart allowed us as much time as we needed to say our goodbyes and we could not have asked for a more peaceful send off for our boy. While we’d hope to not need to see Dr Stuart anytime soon, we’d definitely recommend him and the Pawssum team for any vet services.

Shannan Wickham
July 23, 2023

Thank you to Dr Stephen

Thank you to Dr Stephen for being respectful and giving a peaceful end for Sofie.

David Hanlon
July 23, 2023


Thank you to Dr Stephen. He is great, good mannered. He is patient and full of tact.

Arezoo Darash
July 23, 2023

Thank you!

The experience and kindness that was shown to our beautiful boy and to us helped us get through a really sad situation – Thank you Pawssum and Dr. Kel.

Kirralee Baker
July 19, 2023

Convenient for out of hours

Convenient to get quick access to a vet out of hours. Provided sound advice and diagnosis until face to face visit with regular vet next morning.
Would recommend Pawssum and be happy to use again in similar circumstances.

Alan Mckenzie
July 18, 2023

compassionate and professional

Our dear dog, Teddy, had to be euthanized on Saturday. Pawssum were compassionate and professional to deal with. The vet, Dr. Kelly, was very kind and it was a lovely peaceful experience in our home.

Thankyou very much.

Carmel and Paul Van Diemen

Carmel Van Diemen
July 17, 2023

Caring and supportive

Our 18yr cat was in his final stage of liver cancer. Pawssum was able to provide a fantastic service that day to allow our family member to pass at home. Without the stress of a trip in the carrier, a stressful drive in the care, and the smell of a sterile clinic. We were able to allow Mr. Piddles to be in his home surrounded by the familiar smells, sounds and people. Our Vet Dr Katie was compassionate and understanding, everything was explained and professional conducted. Well worth the extra you pay for the personal service without the additional stresses on a stressful situation.
Highly recommended.

Leanne Hinton
July 17, 2023

Fabulous service

Dr. Bahaa is a very friendly vet, gentle with my little dog. Arrived within just over an hour and half. So comforting to know help is available for out of hour care.
Thank you!

Rosemary Darry
July 17, 2023

Very happy

Very happy with the service and advice.

Margo Wilson
July 16, 2023

Understanding and Caring

Pawssum was amazing. From the first phone call to when Dr Singh arrived. There was a lot of care and understanding.
Our dog can get very unsure of strangers, as a result a trip to the vet can get anxious for everyone involved, but Dr Singh was very understanding and able to navigate around this problem. Our dog was quite unwell (infected wound was becoming septic). After 45mins of the antibiotics being administered our dog was feeling better. Such a relief for us. Dr Singh left us with plenty of creams and tablets, touched base with us the next day and said if we needed more that it wasn’t a problem to stop by.
It was great to know we still had support. It was so convenient that we could have a vet visit our home which helped to make our dog not so anxious.

We will definitely use Pawssum again.

Megan Timo
July 16, 2023

Thank you

I feel so grateful that my cat was able to die at home. The situation could not have been handled more professionally and compassionately by Dr Katie. Thank you.

Jane Field
July 16, 2023

Dr. Beshoy shows so much

Dr. Beshoy shows so much compassion and treated my baby mojo (cat) respect and peaceful journey. Carries his body like a child .
I’m so please and Dr. Beshoy assured me my baby mojo (cat) will be cared….

Cecilie Cham
July 14, 2023

Positive Feedback

I just want to say that Pawssum is the best Mobile Vet Service I’ve ever come across. Couldn’t be more happier than I am with Pawssum. The staff are all lovely and friendly. I find them all an absolute delight to deal with. One staff member Rebecca went out of her way to call me last Sunday to see how I was doing after having to lose my fur baby Crispin. What a lovely gesture on Rebecca’s part. I was so very appreciative to Rebecca for her very kind act. Again I’m more than happy with Dr. Beshoy as well. What a lovely vet he is and so very good with handling animals particularly with my new pup Ringo. My heartfelt thanks to you all at Pawssum.

Michelle Jouvelet
July 14, 2023

Thanks Dr. Sara

Thanks Dr Sara for finding a solution to treat a stray feral boy.
Gratefully, John

John Mina
July 13, 2023

Sensitive and Kind

Dr Kelly arrived very quickly when it seemed clear that my dearest friend was not good. She was very sensitive to Holly’s condition and ensured she remained comfortable in her final moments.
Whilst I am heartbroken, it was lovely that Dr Kelly did everything in her power to reassure me that Holly was in the best of care.
Thank you for your kindness and professionalism at such a difficult time.

Shirley Gerrard
July 13, 2023

Dr Katie

So incredibly grateful to Dr Katie for the beautiful care and love she showed to our little Oscar. Dr Katie took time to hear a little about Oscar and the sweet cheeky boy he was and sharing our laughter and celebrating his life as he ate his treats before falling into a deep sleep. We weren’t rushed for the final step giving us plenty of time to gently stroke his head and kiss him goodbye. The whole process was done with enormous love and compassion and left us feeling uplifted in his gentle passing. Thank you Dr Katie from the bottom of our hearts. A truly beautiful person. Best wishes for your op! 😜 love Kerry and Mariah. 💜

Kerry McDougall
July 12, 2023


Thank you to Dr Katie who came to our home and instantly felt like family. With the utmost compassion and empathy to our distress, she put us at ease and comforted us over our decision, assuring us it was the right decision for our darling Oscar. Through tears there was laughter as we shared our stories of his adventures, his charm and funny character. Dr Katie treated Oscar like her own and shared treats (his favorites) while gently putting him in a deep sleep complete with a little snoring. We weren’t rushed but took all the time while he was still with us to cuddle and kiss him his last goodbye before it was time to put on his angel wings and leave us to his happy place.. a cafe in heaven with lots of treats 🙂 Dr Katie you are one beautiful human and we can’t thank you enough for giving us all the time we needed to say our goodbyes. All our love Kerry and Mariah (McDougall) xx

Kerry McDougall
July 12, 2023

Caring Vet

Having to make the heartbreaking decision to put our elderly dog to sleep, the service and compassion received was amazing. On the day everything was clearly explained to us, our beautiful girl was shown love from Dr Shadi and the care given was amazing, we were given time to say our goodbyes and felt the whole process all be it heartbreaking was made easier with such amazing care from the vet. Thank you so very much.

Renae Dargan
July 11, 2023

Kind and professional

Dr Beshoy was very professional – and at the same time very kind. He arrived quickly which was a mercy as my cat was in terrible pain. He gave me time to say ‘goodbye’ …. He did not rush me at all. Thank you so much. Madeleine

Madeleine Hopkins
July 7, 2023

The vet was very compassionate

The vet, Dr. Beshoy was very compassionate, gentle and caring. He made the difficult process soothing. I would recommend Pawssum Mobile Vets.

Melissa Reil
July 7, 2023

Faultless service – empathetic and respectful

Faultless service Empathetic, respectful and professional. Thank you for a seamless service at a difficult time.

Andrew Hall
July 4, 2023

Marleys check up.

Excellent service . Minimal waiting time for appointment
Dr Kel was very informative with helpful advice. She was very kind and gentle with Marley and he was very happy to be examined by her .
Thankyou Pawssum .

Betty Boyle
July 4, 2023

Excellent service, would highly recommend.

Excellent service, would highly recommend. Pawssum made a terrible time losing my best mate as good as it could be.

Brett Keary
July 4, 2023

Great Service!

Dr Katie was great, even though my cat was very uncooperative!

Jane Field
July 2, 2023

Very understanding Vet

Very understanding vet, Dr Shadi had a very calming disposition, when he came on 18th June 2033. He was very professional in the way wanted to ascertain the reason why we wanted to euthanize our beloved Belgian shepherd Zak, to ensure that it was the right course of action. After examining Zak and looking at what tests and scans had been performed by another Vet, Dr Shadi agreed that Zak was very unwell and the time was right to say goodbye to Zak.

Thanks to Dr Shadi and staff at Pawssum. I would highly recommend Dr Shadi due to his compassion and professionalism.

Trudy & Family

Trudy Dawson
July 2, 2023

Excellent Service Provided

This service was professional, amazing and made the entire process so much more calming for my family and my pup. We sadly had to put her to sleep but the Vet Dr. Shadi was so caring and reassuring through the entire process. We could have not asked for a better way of saying our farewell.

Callum Stuart-Smith
June 30, 2023

Service was excellent!

The Vet, Dr. Shadi was excellent. We appreciate him coming to us in the evening and help us with a difficult situation.

Anita Willaton
June 30, 2023

Fantastic Vet

Doctor/dogtor Stuart has seen my dogs twice now and both times has been fantastic with them.

He’s very gentle and patient with them which I really appreciate.

I’m sure it’s not easy having to work off customer’s kitchen benches and not have things like X-rays available to use. But Dr Stuart did an amazing job examining my little girl last night and ran through every thing that could be wrong with her. He provided me with some medication and she’s much better today.

I can’t thank him and Pawsum enough 🙂

Amanda Ryan
June 29, 2023

Great service!

We were unable to get our local vets to attend so we called Pawssum to attend our dog who had been injured. The vet who attended was so kind and compassionate . He was thorough in his assessment and our beloved dog is healing well. We can’t thank Dr. Beshoy enough and would recommend this service.

Danni K
June 29, 2023

Perfect service

Perfect service. Dr James was excellent. He was so professional and amazing.

Sarah Camilleri
June 27, 2023

Caring and compassionate

Caring and compassionate. I could not have wished for a kinder vet. Dr. Kel made the process so peaceful for our pet. After experiencing this service I will transition our normal vet care to Pawssum.

Kim Harrington
June 26, 2023

Feedback on pet euthanasia

We were quite distraught when our vet Dr. Kel arrived. she immediately set about building rapport with our cat Millie my son Daniel and myself. She talked us through each step of the process and was very calm and reassuring. She gave us a lot of flexibility and some suggestions about where to be when medications were administered. Overall the service was fantastic and Dr. Kel was very caring compassionate and thoughtful in everything she did for us. It truly was a good farewell. Thank you

Judith Boyland
June 25, 2023

Peaceful Home Euthanasia for Our Spotty

Dr Katie made a very difficult situation easier for our family. She explained every step of the process very well and was very respectful to Our Spotty.

Kim Stevens
June 25, 2023

Excellent Service

I was very impressed with the professional service provided by Pawssum for the end of life of my beautiful fur baby Crispin. The team were all very understanding and sympathetic in having to deal with a weeping owner. Wonderful Dr Beshoy was the loveliest vet I have ever met. He was very compassionate in the way that he attended to Crispin. I will most definitely be using Pawssum when I eventually get my new fur baby. Not too sure when that will be but hopefully not too long.
A very big heartfelt thanks to all the team at Pawssum including Dr Beshoy.

Michelle Jouvelet
June 25, 2023

Pawssum experience

Lovely vet, Dr. Tamara arrived on time and was very helpful with our puppy who had an uti. She has medications on hand and was very kind and caring. This was on the Sunday of the long weekend, so was a bit expensive, but when there is no other alternative, that’s what you do for your fur kids. Thank you Pawssum.

Rhona Van Der Kaay
June 25, 2023

Extremely compassionate and professional

As hard as the visit was, the staff was extremely compassionate and professional. They went about their duties as best they could in the circumstance which was extremely difficult for our family. Even with the pain our baby was in, she still managed to share a smile. RIP our Chloe

Colin Ameduri
June 25, 2023

Kind and compassionate service

Thank you Dr. Beshoy and Pawssum for your kindness and compassion in putting an end to my little cat’s pain. No stressful trip to the vet but calmly and peacefully in her own home.

Liz Lukin
June 25, 2023

Caring and compassionate

Dr Katie is the best. Going through this awkward time, she was understanding, compassionate and a lovely person.

Peter Anderson
June 25, 2023

Thank you

Dr Baljinder was very respectful and professional with the Euthanasia of our cat Ranga.
Would definately recommend Pawssum.

Daniel Potts
June 25, 2023

Very caring and considerate

We would highly recommend Pawssum to anyone wanting a home visit.

Stephanie Nicholls
June 25, 2023

Dr Kel was incredibly sensitive

Dr Kelly was incredibly sensitive and reassuring during a time of despair.

Bronte Sinclair
June 19, 2023

Peaceful euthanasia

Thank you so much Pawssum and Dr Beshoy for coming to us at 9.00pm on a public holiday to put our poor dog out of his misery. Compassionate and efficient vets. 100 per cent recommend the service.

Janet de Castro Lopo
June 19, 2023

Speedy, helpful service

Happy with my doggy’s appointment today. Will use Pawssum again. (Hopefully not to soon)

Scott Smith
June 14, 2023

Best possible

I was very glad to be able to access this service promptly at a very sad time. All information was clearly explained and I was grateful that it went smoothly. Appreciated the cane basket provided for removal. Thank you

Jean Arnott
June 13, 2023

A very peaceful ending

I was really impressed by the way that the vet explained everything to me. The whole experience was very calm and peaceful. I was really dreading the ordeal but Dr Baahaa was really nice and sympathetic. Thank you for making it so easy for both Budda and myself

Sandra Hanson
June 13, 2023

Great service

Lovely to have a vet come home, where the dog is completely relaxed. Dr Bahaa was warm, approachable, had a friendly manner with my dog. His examination was thorough and diagnosis and treatment appropriate. Will use this service again.

Barbara Madonna
June 13, 2023

Great Service

Dr Beshoy took care of Luna who was unwell with gastritis. She is a very nervous cat and he took great care to keep her calm while she was examined and treated. Very grateful and happy with this Service.

Margaret Norton
June 13, 2023

My final goodbye made easy

Dr Stuart made me feel comfortable and even crack a laugh and joke during one of the most heartbreaking and nose-snotting moments of my life with saying my final goodbye to my little trooper, Coco.

I highly recommend him and will be calling on his assistance with our other animals.

Bridget Lennon
June 13, 2023

Very prompt and very unaccustomed

Very prompt and very unaccustomed service and the best was very nice. My dog felt comfortable with him during the consultation.

Leonie Dodds
June 13, 2023

Wonderful service, Dr Julia was

Wonderful service, Dr Julia was fantastic. Would highly recommend
Thank you

Kelly Ashford
June 13, 2023


Thank you very much. My dog is extremely anxious. I love this service and will be booking again! Cheers to Dr Sug

Kirsten Edwards
June 13, 2023

Very Happy!

Easy and convenient,Dr Stuart super friendly and calm around my timid boy, will use Pawssum again, highly recommend and my very nervous Whippet could have his yearly vaccination at home.

Sue Henderson
June 9, 2023

Beautiful send off

Dr Sandra was so caring and understanding.

My Charlie hated going to the vet. I wanted a better send off for him than to be stressed when he passed. My other dogs wanted to be part of Charlie’s send off and Dr Sandra was totally accommodating, even with my border collie who has no idea about personal space. Charlie went to the rainbow with so much love. I would definitely and highly recommend Pawssum and Dr Sandra. Thank you so much

Michelle Van Wezel
June 9, 2023

Goodbye Sophie

Dr Sandra was loving and respectful.

Kym-Maree Sargaison
June 8, 2023


Everyone involved in helping us say goodbye to our best little mate, Albert 🐾were all so very kind and helpful. The lovely Grace on the phone when organising everything. Dr Kel, ensuring Albert was comfortable and the wonderful Kathy who returned Albert with his little paw and nose prints.The whole experience was dealt with respect, compassion and kindness. Thank you ☺️

Debbie and Harry Allan
June 8, 2023

Compassionate Vets

Dr Stephen was so sensitive and gentle during the peaceful euthanasia process.

Darren Meechan
June 7, 2023

Quick and peaceful end of life service

It’s always devastating to say goodbye to a beloved fur baby, but our Thomas was suffering so the vet gave him a gentle farewell. We’re grateful he was able to go while surrounded by his family and on his favourite chair.

Caitlyn Palmer
June 7, 2023

Excellent service+ good and

Excellent service+ good and timely communication+ patient+ responsive staff
Dr.Stuart visited our lovely Merlo on Monday 29, May 2023,
He was very kind, patient, supportive and a expert in his field.
Janey, Mae and Daniel were of great help.
We are very happy with Pawssum + will continue with it and happily will recommend it to our friends.
Thank you so much Dr Stuart and other staff.
Wish you all success.
Kind regards

Massoud Rahimpour
June 7, 2023

Socrates says thanks

Fantastic service, very thoughtful and was wonderful with Socrates. Would recommend these vets to anyone. Thank you so much.

Rikki Lund
June 7, 2023

Very happy

My boy was checked, vaccinated , and rear glands cleared, he is not the easiest dog to treat but he did really well and so did the vet. Her confidence and personality just worked wonders with Milo as she was a stranger. Will defiantly c as lol to hem back if needed. Milo loved the liver treats he is usually very fussy.

Karen Jewell
June 7, 2023

Amazing service and response

We were very impressed with the quality of the response time and level of care given to our cat. Our cat had passed before the Vet arrived. The way the performance and professionalism of the Vet was outstanding.
Thank you so very much.

Ian Marks
June 7, 2023

Absolutely amazing.

I’d highly recommend anyone, and everyone too use Pawssum. It was nothing but smooth and no stresses, right from the moment I enquired till my boy’s safe return home. Very compassionate and patient, I must say Dr. Beshoy was very helpful and made it all much easier with his help. My 13 & a half year old bruiser was happy until the very end and I thank you for all your help.

Lindyl Woods
June 7, 2023

Amazing vet

Easy to organise and the vet who attended was caring and patient. I couldn’t have asked for a better service at a difficult time. Thank you.

Jodi Kent
May 30, 2023

A peaceful goodbye

Our beautiful boy decided he was ready to leave Sunday evening. We wanted to make Billy’s last moments as peaceful and comfortable as possible.

Our regular call out vet was not available, however Pawssum answered and were able to get out to us within the hour.

Dr Nicholas was very reassuring. He explained things as he went and was both very professional and empathetic/gentle. Dr Nicholas was surrounded by 6 crying adults, and deserves to be commended on the way he handled such a difficult situation. Such a difficult task, but he made Billy’s final moments peaceful, in his own home and surrounded by his family.

It really means a lot that Pawssum and Nicholas were able to give our beautiful Billy boy the opportunity for the calm, gentle, loving ending we wished for.

Thank you so much.

Also, for anyone wondering, the service was very reasonably priced. We would have paid anything to make sure Billy got the best care possible, but we were nonetheless impressed by the cost, especially for an after hours Sunday home callout & private cremation.

Thank you again, it means the world to us.

Rebacca Lucas
May 29, 2023

Highly recommend

Our vet was so kind and caring. We were not rushed at all. To be able to stay in your home environment is so much better for your pet and your family.

Deborah Wills
May 25, 2023

Our Cat’s Rainbow Bridge

Dr Elena was fantastic and talked us through each step she was doing on our beloved cat Tamara. We were allowed to take our time with her and it was such a calm way of letting Tam go over the rainbow bridge.
Thank you once again for making it as peaceful and painfree for Tamara.

From the bottom of our hearts
A and D

Alaina O
May 25, 2023

Peaceful euthanasia

Thankyou for your compassionate service.
The vet that attended my home was amazing.

Lee Thies
May 24, 2023

Great Vet

Dr. Kel was amazing. She communicated with us before the consult to make sure she has everything she needed. Actual visit went great for my kitten’s first experience. Vaccination and microchip done. Dr. Kel’s experience came through perfectly in handling my kitten who’s not used to being held down. Highly recommended and will book again

Gian Pangan
May 24, 2023


Can’t speak highly enough of the service provided by Pawssum and the visiting vet Dr Shadi.
He was kind and caring when we had to put our beautiful boy to sleep.
In this extremely difficult time he made the experience easier for us.

Thank you.

Ned Maricak
May 23, 2023


We were so grateful to have a lovely vet sunny morning and out in the garden what a queens passing for our little staffy girl,
the friend to all, now chasing seagulls and being welcomed by Wednesday her lab sister.
thank you

Jen Warren
May 23, 2023

Pawssum are amazing

Thank you so much to the very caring Dr Kel, she was very understanding and careful with looking after our good bye to our little girl Jinxy. Thanks also to the wonderful Kathy from Paw Bearers 🐾

Toni Gibson-Warner
May 21, 2023

Thank you Dr Beshoy was

Thank you Dr Beshoy was kind & compassionate & didn’t rush us. It was devastating & heartbreaking to lose our fur baby but he went peacefully.

Leisa O’Toole
May 20, 2023

Amazing service

Dr Bahaa was prompt, professional, respectful, and personable.
His bedside manner and service provided made the best of a terrible situation.

Josh Tester
May 20, 2023

Excellent service

Dr Bahaa was very patient,Sid is frightened of strangers ,I was quite surprised when Sid let Dr Bahaa handle him ,if only for a minute 😂,if it wasn’t for Pawssum ,it would be impossible for Sid to see a vet ,I love your service ,thankyou

Michelle Gleeson
May 18, 2023

RaaCha and Beanie

Thank you so much. We could not have asked for a more empathetic peaceful end for our 19 year old fur babies.

Cheryl-lyn Noble
May 18, 2023

Really happy with the pawssum experiance

Really happy with the pawssum service and will be calling on them again for sure. Wonderful vet and wonderful home service. Thank you!

Kath Faulkner
May 17, 2023

Helpful vet appointment organised easily

Dr Kel was a very helpful vet who visited our home and was very good with my fearful dog. She helped me with what was needed and examined him in a peaceful way which made it very easy for him to participate. The appointment was available the next day and communication was excellent.

Jo Cole
May 17, 2023

Dr Simon is amazing

Very professional and kind. Also very informative. What a lovely vet!

Jude Pikus
May 17, 2023

We can not thank Dr enough

We can not thank Dr Nicholas enough.
He was very professional and empathetic.
In such a sad time we are so thankful that our beloved cat was in the hands of such a caring person that made sure she went peacefully with no pain.
We can not recommended Dr Nicholas enough.

Leaha Williams
May 16, 2023

A peaceful euthanasia

Thank you Dr Celeste -you made it such a peaceful experience. My husband said you were the best vet he’s ever dealt with.

Jayne Turner
May 15, 2023

Thanks to Kelly, pawssum Vet home services.

Excellent home service for our big dog
German Shepard Zac , Kelly provides a caring service and got the job done.

Thank you all very much, we appreciate you help and would call you again.

All the best
Margaret and Rod Dudfield

10 May 2023.

Rod and Margaret Dudfield
May 15, 2023

I can’t imagine how this

I can’t imagine how this could have been better. Very professional and empathetic team made a difficult time easy and pain free for our beloved pet. Thank you!

Woody Taylor
May 15, 2023


Found the customer service excellent. Julia was on time and very thorough with Ruby and Cleo examinations in which I found out that Ruby had another medical problem. Julia was also thorough explaining the medication for Ruby. Will be using Pawssum again.

Roselyn Arndt
May 15, 2023

Wonderful service

Thank you for a wonderful service. The Vet was so caring and gave great advice and took great care of our boys.

Lizel More
May 15, 2023

Exceptional Sevice

I thank Dr Kel from the bottom of my heart for making this very difficult situation so kind, quick, and calm. I cannot praise enough this wonderful service in that it bought a difficult time to such a peaceful and respectful end. Thank you Dr Kel and all who you work with. From my initial phone call to the last moments the service was impeccable. Thank you again.

Susan Golem
May 15, 2023

Beautiful pet euthanasia experience

The vet who arrived to euthanasia our beloved 16 year old boy was just a beautiful and caring person. Showed us & our dog respect and explained everything in a soothing voice and manner. It was peaceful and quite beautiful. Will always remember it. Thankyou

Jeanette Denaro
May 11, 2023


Excellent, helpful home service. I have a very nervous rescue cat whom I struggle to get to the vets. A home visit by a vet took a lot of the stress out of the situation for her.

Margaret Jeune
May 9, 2023

Thank you for looking after our girl

Thank you Dr. Julie and all the team at pawssum for the wonderful care you showed to us during one of our saddest days of our lives. We are so grateful for the care and concern you showed to our Peaches and to us.

Michael & Mellita
May 9, 2023

Positive Pawssum experience

Thank you so much for our home consultation for my senior dog Roxy. It was so good to have a stress-free consult at home, as being a senior myself it’s not easy to transport Roxy. The Vet who attended was professional and compassionate to Roxy’s needs. Roxy has now recovered, still taking medications prescribed, which were explained to me in a manner on which I totally understood what doses were needed, and when. Thank you and will certainly use Pawsumm again. Can highly recommend

Pamela Cahill
May 8, 2023

Dr Katie

Our beautiful 13.5-year-old Labrador Bella had a blessed life. To say Dr Katie was the perfect lady to send Bella off to pain free world and so soft, gentle and caring to us and our boys!!

Thank you for being amazing to us all!

Lynne Brodie
May 8, 2023


I had a vet that came, and he was professional, ethical and empathic.

Jan Van Duinen
May 8, 2023

The process was very respectful

The process was very respectful and I had time to say goodbye and grieve. Thank you so very much

Catherine OGrady
May 5, 2023

Peaceful euthanasia

After a bumpy start I cannot speak highly enough of the vet that came to our house to euthanise our cat, he was so gentle and patient with him and gave him a gentle send off. We are very grateful we were able to have this service in our home

Barbara Dunne
May 5, 2023

Amazing Service

The Vet that came to our house was absolutely incredible! I cannot think him enough, he made such a horrible thing to do for our beloved pet so much easier.. he was kind gentle and explained everything so sufficiently.

I’m so happy we used Pawssum.

Thank you so much

Emily Sveiger
May 4, 2023

Thanks for picking upCoco, we

Thanks for picking up
Coco, we appreciate the quick and caring service you gave

Diana Elhage
May 4, 2023


Dr Julie was so kind to me in a very difficult situation. I can’t thank her enough.

Yvette Petersen
May 4, 2023

Savvy hodge and Dr bahaa

I cannot stress enough how great Dr bahaa was with my mastiff savvy..his diagnosis was spot could’ve been a range of things but a blood test confirmed she has diabetes and that was one of his outcomes..he is a wonderful professional man who made my dog feel at ease and comfortable normally when I take sav to a vet she has to be sedated as she get so nervous but there was no need for thst and Dr bahaas comforting nature kindness and professionalism was impeccable..I have told all my friends and family about this wonderful service and one of the best vets that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting..he treated my dog with the utmost kindness and friendly nature and softly spoke to her and she was so at ease with him..if he ever opens a private practice I would have no hesitation in taking all of my animals to see him..he deserves a bonus or an award for how he treats animals and I cannot be more impressed and pleased with his great nature he is an absolute natural with dogs..myself and savvy cannot be more grateful and I hope he gets to read this message and knows what an asset he is to your practice if I ever need a vet in the future I will be asking for him..such a wonderful caring man and knows how much we love our animals…Dr bahaa you are one of the best vets I have ever dealt with and savvy wasn’t just another patient to treated her with such kindness and compassion and I can’t thank you have found your calling working with animals and a great vet is hard to find and you are definitely one of them..your company should be proud as punch thst you work for them and I could not be happier that we got such a wonderful vet…your professionalism and caring nature makes all the difference and you explained everything to me so that I knew exactly what to do..savvy and myself are so grateful for meeting you and I know you will have a long and successful career..your company should actually hand out an award for vet of the mo th and I would certainly back that up..good vets that make nervous dogs feel at ease are hard to find and you are an absolute natural..tha k you so much for a job well done and savvy is starting to get back to her old self already…we will try a walk tomorrow and she how she goes. I cannot thank you enough…if only you worked on kangaroo island I would be booking you all the time…you are a wonderful man and a great vet…thank you once again

Karen Hodge and Savvy Hodge
May 4, 2023

Dr Avi and Pawssum staff

Dr Avi and Pawssum staff were amazing we had to put our beautiful boy to sleep with much regret and sadness and they helped us through the process! Unfortunately there was no magic bullet for heartbreak
Victoria and Mojo😢

May 4, 2023


Very happy with this service. Vet was extremely gentle and service went very well. Franky is now recovering and wanting to be an outside car again but I am now retraining to be an inside cat not happy with this that’s Franky

Nola Cook
May 4, 2023

I felt safe she was

I felt safe she was very kind thank you

Alina McDonald
May 2, 2023

PEQ – pet quarantine support

They helped me find and organize a vet to attend my dog in PEQ as we are relocating her from USA to Australia. The vet was informative, both pre and post visit calls and was familiar with the PEQ requirements. Would recommend for anyone needing vet support in quarantine

Mark Rivers
May 1, 2023

Excellent service

Tanya was fabulous over the phone during my initial conversation.
The process was very schmick. I’d totally recommend Pawssum. Was much easier having the vet come to me rather than traumatizing my poor old puddy in her final hours.
Well done on a fabulous service.
Thanks 🙂

Kathleen Kenny
May 1, 2023

Peaceful Euthanasia

The vet was very comforting and performed the service quickly and efficiently- definitely would recommend this way to have a loved pet put to rest at home.

Wendy Roberts
May 1, 2023


I was very happy with this service and the way everything was organized so quickly. You even came out on a public holiday, and you came as soon as possible, thank you for that. My darling cat Muffin was able to be at peace and in no more pain. Dr Beshoy the Vet, made her feel at ease and then she was asleep, then peacefully euthanized her in the comfort of her home. Thank you very much for everything.

Johann Doyle
May 1, 2023

Brilliant service that I totally reccomend

This is the fourth time I’ve had vet Julie out to visit my boys (two chis) and I can’t speak more highly of her! One of my chis especially is very reactive to strangers, so it’s been wonderful being able to have Julie come here, where he is more confident, and build a relationship with them.

She’s patient, and gentle, and I honestly appreciate everything about the service. I’ve had Julie here for vaccinations, to check on their teeth, and when they were both sick – and everything has gone seamlessly.

Absolutely 100% recommend, while I recommend Julie specifically, Pawssum itself is a wonderful and convenient service.

May 1, 2023

Caring and compassionate

I was in great distress when I first contacted Pawsumm to ask about home euthanasia for my 15 1/2 year old Pugalier Tilly. We knew it was time but I was afraid we would not be able to get her seen to for a day or so, so it was wonderful that they stepped in straight away and had an appointment organised for us that same afternoon. The staff were so caring and compassionate, and the vet Tamara was so good and gentle with Tilly; this is still the most difficult day you ever have to go through, but the service provided by Pawsumm made the whole process less stressful and a gentler was to say goodbye. Also the follow up was much appreciated. My heartfelt thanks to all involved. 💜🐶🐾🐾

Marion Bell
May 1, 2023

From my first conversation with

From my first conversation with Tracey it was a very positive encounter. Every conversation I had was in the same vein to make me as comfortable in the situation as possible.
The young veterinarian who came was lovely
Very gentle with my little doggie, I have never attended a euthanasia before, it was a gentle and peaceful, and the vet was very nice and gentle.
I will have no hesitation in recommending your service to anyone.

Margaret Travers
April 28, 2023

Very peaceful experience

Our dog Buster had a very peaceful home passing. The Vet was very compassionate. We are so thankful for this service and would recommend to friends and family.

beth Blair
April 27, 2023

Great service, very prompt, would

Great service, very prompt, would highly recommend.

Ali Rabah
April 27, 2023

Wonderful Vet Doctor

Our darling dog Sasha was in much pain that afternoon, before a public holiday. When no other Vet was available, not even our house Vet, the Pawssum Vet, Dr Stuart, came around that night to assess the situation. Dr Stuart was so pleasant, calm and patient. The decision had to be made to put Sasha to sleep which was very hard for me. I will recommend Pawssum to every pet owner, and if I have a dog again will use their services for dog consults.
Thank you Dr Stuart and Pawssum Team.

Tanya Iseli
April 27, 2023

Felix Booking ID 68767 – Home Euthanasia

The service provided by Pawssum Vets from start to finish was exceptional. Dr.Beshoy was so understanding about the loss that we were facing. He handled our fur-baby Felix with such care and dignity in the last moments of his life. I would not hesitate to recommend Pawssum to anyone needing pet services.

Geraldine Fernandez
April 26, 2023

A peaceful goodbye

Thank you. This was such a gentle and dignified way to say goodbye to our very old and sick doggie family member. It was such a relief to be able to hold him in our arms in his own home. The whole process was warm and caring. I cannot recommend this service more if you are in need of it for a much loved pet.

Beth Duncombe
April 24, 2023

Gentle experience

Thank you for being a kind and gentle veterinarian. You made our experience much more easier.

Labrini Karatzikos
April 24, 2023

Excellent service.

Quick response to my call.
Excellent communication.
Arrived on time.
Made my cat comfortable.
Happy with the service.

Hazel Anthony
April 24, 2023

Compassionate and caring

Dr Bahaa was so kind and compassionate, he helped our beloved Abbie pass over peacefully surrounded by her family in her favourite spot as the sun set.

Robyn Armfield
April 24, 2023

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for your kindness and support and care with hoii and my family
Just made it very special coming to visit Hoii at my home and putting hoii to sleep without stressing her
I will recommend you to every one I know when there fur babies need help
Thank you so much
Maree white

Maree White
April 24, 2023

Thank you

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to our beautiful boy last night, Dr Stuart was so incredibly kind and caring. He was so very kind to our boy, and to us all. He made a day that was incredibly hard for us, just that little bit easier.
Thank you Dr Stuart for being so kind, it meant a lot.

Danielle Harrison
April 21, 2023

Dr Lisa was extremely helpful

Dr Lisa was extremely helpful and helped my girl as she was very uncomfortable didn’t want her stressed, she was fabulous and very informative and helped me rectify the problem would definitely recommend their services in an emergency situation.

Traci Hall
April 21, 2023

Excellent service

Excellent service and more importantly my dog is feeling much better after an injection to reverse nausea. Thank you.

Leigh Ascenza
April 20, 2023

Bye bye Misty

Thank you for your compassion and kindness in saying goodbye to our beautiful tortoiseshell girl MistyMoo. We loved you with all our hearts. Fabulous 17 years of fun and cuddles.

Kay Bagini
April 19, 2023

Saying Goodbye 😞

With a heavy heart 💔 we were advised and guided to make the very hard decision to euthanize our beloved family cat Diesel, she was a big part of our family for 16 years.

Dr Stephen compassion and professionalism was outstanding.
Thank you for making a very difficult situation an honorable one that my family will forever.
Reflect on and forever remember and cherish Diesel’s time with us ♥️

Irene Pavlidis
April 19, 2023


Thank you, great service. I got both my dogs vaccinated and it worked really well. Ellie and Teddy got to stay in their own environment.

Rachel Swift
April 17, 2023


Thank you for your services the great way to say goodbye to my dog 🐕❤️

Reyhan Peker
April 17, 2023

I was looking after my

I was looking after my son’s dog and was concerned about his recent surgery. Our usual vet was closed, so I called Pawssum, spoke to Shayne, she organised Dr Henry to visit us, all very professional, great result. Will definitely use them again

Adeline Blakemore
April 17, 2023

Happy pooch

A very efficient phone service from start to finish.Althought the first vet had to cancel i was given plenty of notice + a replacement vet for the next day. Tamara was great she was patient, efficient + helpful with advice. A much easier experience for my dog who gets very anxious going to a regular practice.

Jan McNamee
April 13, 2023

Dr Stephen provided swift consultations

Dr Stephen provided swift consultations to my cats at quarantine centre. One of my cat did eat nor pass stool for two days. After giving injections and medication, she felt much better and re-gained appetite. Thank you for the great service of Dr Stephen and the friendly and helpful staff.

Michael Lam
April 13, 2023

Vet Visit

DR Tamara arrived on time ,she was great with my old dog,medication started straight away.I would not hesitate booking another visit ,everything was so easy.Thank you for a great service, and friendly staff

marion attard
April 13, 2023

Thank you from Coco

Just wanted to say THANK YOU…
On 10 April we knew we had to make a very tough decision to say goodbye to our 19-year-old cat – COCO LATTE.
I called Pawssum and was kindly guided through the process. We did not want to distress Coco further and would rather her stay at home where she was surrounded by her family and her sister Chloe. Dr Stephen was totally amazing. He kept me informed, he helped my children (young adults now) say goodbye and understand – while I sobbed uncontrollably outside. Dr Stephen your compassion and care, and the way our pets acknowledged you with their head buts and rubs on your bag has filled my broken heart – they know a kind person and a good person…
Thanks sooo very much for helping Coco!I would recommend this compassionate service to any pet lover.

Erica Marz
April 13, 2023

Brilliant very experienced vet.

A very caring experienced vet. Would recommend him to everyone. The staff organising the home visit were very helpful, keeping me updated on his arrival time. pawssum are a great team, keep up the great work.

Kathy Presling
April 12, 2023

Great service in a difficult time

The last moments with our special boy were so difficult but our attending vet was so gentle and understanding. Our Buddy was treated with care and respect and passed at home in our arms. A truly special service.

Marina Villani
April 12, 2023

Drs advice

Thank you for the help and advice from your Vet Dr , our little boy went to sleep very gently he is in heaven and know longer in any pain , even though we had used another mobile vet ,thank yon everyone again,,
Roman Kloda

Roman Kloda
April 11, 2023

Great service

Dr Bahaa was efficient friendly and professional

Josie Ziemlanej
April 11, 2023

Compassionate and Respectful

After our beautiful and much loved old Great Dane began to rapidly and quite unexpectedly decline on a Sunday we were faced with the decision of choosing a peaceful end of life for her. Right from the very first call to Pawwsum when Mae answered she was so caring and extremely professional. Dr Beshoy who made the house call was so respectful, compassionate, gentle and couldn’t have asked for a more dignified experience. We are so grateful.

Karen Barrett
April 11, 2023

Wonderful have aVet visit on Good Friday.

My 16 1/2 dog had vomited. She refused food and water. Worried I called a Vet to visit my home. What great relief to stay home for the consultation. The Vet was caring and gentle with my dog. Diagnosis and follow up was sensible. So pleased to have a Vet visit at on Good Friday.

Anne Gill
April 11, 2023


The vet had the most calming voice and was the most respectful man.thank you very made the experience so much easier.

Garth Ferguson
April 11, 2023

Erik Hristovski

Dr Stephen was incredibly compassionate and professional in helping us say goodbye to our dog, Ben. He made sure we knew what was happening at every stage of the process and let us take the time we needed to let Ben go. Dr Stephen and Pawssum made an impossible decision feel very possible, and I will always be grateful for their support, diligence and compassion.

Erik Hristovski
April 11, 2023

I was quite satisfied with

I was quite satisfied with the service provided, the attending vet was very caring and understanding

Jill McGrath
April 11, 2023

Vet Stuart, thank you soooo much.

The kindest, most compassionate vet I have ever encountered. his handling of the sad goodbye to Banksy, our beloved golden Retriever, was exemplary.

6 STARS to you Stuart.

Thank you.

The Smiths

Christopher Smith
April 6, 2023

Professional and Prompt

Booked an urgent appointment on the same day and it was accommodated. The Vet was Professional and explained things well. Home preventative treatment was discussed also. Very happy with the service.

Rachael Cook
April 5, 2023

Excellent Service

Ella my elderly chocolate Labrador first received a health consultation from the vet. After considering the options available to Ella and her age. A very difficult decision was made to let my beloved Ella go.
It was a peaceful passing she was in her own bed and kept comfortable with treats and water.
I am so glad I chose pawssum the vet came out within hours and was very respectful and ensured Ella passed easily.
Would definitely recommend pawssum to other pet parents.
Thank you
Lesley 🙏💐

Lesley Towler
April 5, 2023

Very satisfied

Was very happy with Julie,she was so good and gentle with Max,checked him out thoroughly,cut his nails(under protest from Max)and took her time advising me.
surely will recommend your mobile service,thank you.Gerda.

Gerda Vandervoort
April 4, 2023

Very happy I found you

Such a great service, thank goodness you are here to help people who need home visits.
I couldn’t be happier, it was so easy book in and have Snoopy looked after within less than 2 hours as she needed pain relief.
Five stars plus

Ellen Grenfell
April 3, 2023

Thankyou for looking after Eddie

Thankyou for looking after Eddie it was a hard choice but I know he went peacefully in your caring hands. Having come to the home made the decision so much easier.

Fiona Heath
April 3, 2023

Bahaa is an amazing and

Bahaa is an amazing and compassionate vet, who was very comforting in the worst time possible. We said goodbye to our handsome 18-year-old little buddy Niles. Pawssum Vets is a wonderful service so you can be with your pets and home in the comfort and privacy of a familiar setting. Highly recommend.

Carly Bennett
April 3, 2023

Home euthanasia

We had Dr Shadi visit our home to assess our fur baby Oz who had recently suffered a stroke and had deteriorated. He was very professional and caring. Having our fur baby put to rest in our home rather than a vet clinic was not only less stressful for Oz but also ourselves. We were given time to say our goodbyes and cuddles then Dr Shadi gently helped our Oz begin his journey over the rainbow bridge. Highly recommend Pawssum vets

Teriini Harris
April 3, 2023

Dr Nick Tan came to

Dr Nick Tan came to our house yesterday to perform home Euthanasia our beloved pet dog Charlie
He was fantastic and very respectful in the time that he spent with us.

thank you

Michael Sarracini
April 3, 2023

Gentle and respectful

Loosing a pet is painful but we were very grateful for Dr Beshoys kind, experienced and dedicated approach which helped our dog to be as calm as possible throughout.

Belinda Drake
April 3, 2023

Euthanasia service

Dr Stephen arrived within 2 hours of my initial contact with Pawssum.

He was professional, and took the time to explain the procedure and the effects on our injured cat Shelby.

The procedure went smoothly and was done with care and skill.
Thanks to Dr Stephen and I highly recommend the Pawssum Team for any veterinary services, in particular in-home euthanasia when the time is right.

David McShane
March 30, 2023

Peace for Mollie

Very caring and compassionate

Margaret King
March 30, 2023

Thank you so much.

Dr Bahaa thank you for your kind caring and understanding. I was very impressed as nothing was to much trouble for him, he certainly has a way with animals. Baylie even behaved herself and let him do what he needed to do for her. Again Thank you and will be happy to call you again.
Kindest Regards

Helen Watts
March 28, 2023

Fantastic service

I couldn’t get my dog Toby to the vet and was very unsure and nervous to get a vet to do a home visit. I was very happy with the service provided by pawssum, it was very easy to organize to an appointment online and Dr Tamara was fantastic, she explained everything and gave my dog very thorough examination. I definitely recommend pawssum and will use them again. 😁🐶🐾

Lisa Brasacchio
March 28, 2023

Caring service provided

From an easy booking system to a caring service provided. My cat Peggy was looked after. Our visiting Vet Dr. Shirley was efficient and kind, even providing follow up check ins. Thank you Pawssum

Sumi May Behsman
March 27, 2023

Peaceful goodbye for Nipper

My father was entering palliative care and could not take his old dog. We were so relieved to give Nipper a peaceful goodbye. Dad was able to farewell Nipper and four days later passed away himself. I really believe Nipper’s peaceful end helped Dad with his own passing. Nipper and Dad’s ashes are now together.

Anne Hymer
March 27, 2023


Great service treated my puppies with love and care appreciate the kindness that was shown towards my puppies.

Augustina Otuafi
March 27, 2023

Very Happy

Fast and friendly service. Very happy with the outcome and would not hesitate to use again and recommend to others.

Sandy Muir
March 24, 2023

Peaceful Goodbye to our beautiful girl

Thank you for helping our beloved Maggie across the rainbow. We appreciate the kindness and compassion you showed us throughout the whole process, from the first phone call to the visiting vet to the aftercare and cremation arrangements, it made this very difficult time a little easier knowing you were all feeling our grief. Thank you again.

Emily Rumble
March 24, 2023


We were so grateful to meet Stephen for our visit with Simba who has cancer and not long to go. We were not sure if we required euthanasia that night as were very upset. Stephen made us feel confident that the time was not just yet and gave him some medicine and made us feel very well informed. This is the best service and one where there is less stress on your dog as opposed to going to a Vet onsite. Thank you Stephen great visit and we really appreciated it. Regards Karen & Tony. and thanks from Simba

Karen Ferrazzo
March 22, 2023

Perfect jobThe vet was lovely

Perfect job
The vet was lovely and explained everything

Adam Hechtman
March 22, 2023

Highly recommend

It was a very hard decision but the right one. My dog was at home and relaxed. If we had taken her to another vet she would have been very stressed beforehand. Kobe was our baby so it was very hard to do. We were able to say goodbye in our own time and it was peaceful and definitely much better for her in our home.
Everybody associated with Pawssum were absolutely wonderful. Thank you for caring Pawssum. I highly recommend them for your pets.

Drue Thomas
March 21, 2023

Peaceful and respectful

This is a time that no one wants to go thru- the day our gorgeous fur children cross to the other side. To make that phone call is the hardest. The understanding and compassion on this journey is comforting ,professional and respectful. The reassurance that my decision is about compassion not guilt – made me feel that I had made the right call😢

Kathleen Beech
March 21, 2023

Very professional service, and Shelley

Very professional service, and Shelley was very caring and helpful. Thanks Mary

Mary Tabinor
March 20, 2023

Great Service

Cannot fault this wonderful service. My cat is very timid, and the vet was so gentle with her. I was very anxious as my cat had been hurt and could not get a normal vet appointment anywhere. Had seen reviews from people on facebook about pawssum so gave them a ring. By 1pm vet Tamara had arrived and treated my kitty. Very professional and kind. Will use them again 🙂

Sharron Watson