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Titer testing can help to minimise the risks of infectious diseases or unnecessary vaccinations. This method measures antibodies in a blood sample for specific diseases – if the titer number is high, your pet has enough antibodies to fight off that specific disease and considered to have immunity against it. A low titer could mean that your pet does not have immunity against it.

Titer testing is recommended for a newly adopted pets whose health history you may not know of, and young puppies or kittens. Our Pawssum partner veterinarians make house calls to provide your pet with titer testing in the comfort of your home.. This includes a thorough health check in order to answer any concerns you have about your furry friend.

For cases which require in-clinic procedures such as x-rays and surgery, Pawssum partners with local vet clinics to ensure continuity of care for your pet. Pawssum also provides emergency vet services in selected locations.

30% off pet consultation and examinations for any additional pet during the same visit. 

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* Medications or treatments is an additional cost which will be communicated to you by your visiting vet.