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Pawssum Wellness

Protect your pets with Australia’s first Pet Home Wellness Plan for less than $10 a week and get the essential medical services covered all year round.

What is the Pawssum Pet Home Plan?

Parasite Prevention Delivered to your Home

All your annual flea and tick control, delivered to your home

Pawssum Home Vet Consultations

10% off home visit consultations in supported areas

Vet Telehealth Consultation

Up to 6 Telehealth consultations a year, with our expert vets, this service is available 7 days a week till late.

Exclusive Discounts on Vet Products

10% discount on all items from PetScripts
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Choose your plan

We recognise that everyone is busy, including pet owners.

We’re introducing
Australia’s FIRST wellness plan to cover all your essential needs at the comfort of your home.

Simply choose your health plan, and leave it to us. Hassle and stress-free without having to even leave your home.

Choose a package based on your pets' size and needs.

Pawssum will contact you to make a home vet visit appointment when your pet is due for their vaccination or treatment! Hassle and stress-free.

You will receive two deliveries per year of the products in your plan. Each delivery will include 6 months supply of leading flea,tick, worm and heartworm products.

In proud partnership with

What do the plans include?

Pawssum Pet Home Plans have been designed by our trusted and expert veterinarians, specially for the long term health and happiness of your pets.

Best flea treatment for both cats and dogs on the market.

Stress free assurance for on-demand vet service.

Receive two deliveries per year of the products in your plan – including a supply of flea, tick, worm and heartworm products.

Why did we create the Pawssum Pet Home Plan?

Pawssum are passionate about pets and know that they’re family too.
They deserve the best care possible and we truly believe preventative care is hugely beneficial to ensure the health the longevity of your pets.

As pet owners, we also know life gets busy – so how could we make it convenient for pet owners to give their furry family members the best care?

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for pet owners to
provide the best preventative care for their pets’ health and wellness.

That’s why we created the Pawssum Wellness Plan to have all the essentials including health checks,
vaccinations, parasite prevention, sick pet consultations and many other benefits – delivered straight to your home.

There’s no more need to set a reminder for parasite prevention or vaccination due dates – we’ll do it all for you.

Best of all, its all right in the comfort of your home.

Terms & Conditions


*Pawssum Pet Home Plan is offered by Pawssum Pty Ltd. The PetScripts name, domain name and logo are trademarks of PetScripts Pty Ltd and are used with permission. The VetShopAustralia name, domain name and logo are trademarks of VetShopAustralia Pty Ltd and are used with permission. PetScripts and VetShopAustralia’s involvement in the Pawssum Pet Home Plan  is pursuant to a contractual relationship with and as service provider to  Pawssum and neither PetScripts nor VetShopAustralia are responsible to any plan member  for performance of any part of the Pawssum Pet Home Plan and neither have any contractual or business relationship with any person purchasing the plan. Neither PetScripts or VetShopAustralia make any warranty or representation about or accept any responsibility for the Pawssum Pet Home Plan or any of the products or services provided pursuant to it except to the extent that such products or services are supplied directly by PetScripts or VetShopAustralia (as the case may be) and then only to the extent that such warranties are contained in the Australian Consumer Law and cannot be excluded.   


** You will receive two deliveries per year of the products in your Common Plan.  The first delivery will be shipped in the first week of the month after you start your membership, and the second delivery will be shipped 6 months later. Each delivery will include 6 months supply of the flea,tick, worm and heartworm products specified above, based on the information regarding pet species and weight. It is your responsibility to ensure you have provided us with the correct information and to dose your pet with those products in accordance with the manufacturers directions. We reserve the right to substitute similar products if the products named are not available or for any other reason we may consider reasonably necessary.


*** excludes products on sale, clearance items or otherwise discounted. Not available with any other offer. You will receive an exclusive discount code from Pawssum and in order to obtain the discount you must quote your code at checkout . PetScripts and VetShopAustralia may require you to provide evidence that you hold a valid Pawssum Pet Home Plan membership and you authorise Pawssum Pty Ltd to provide any information regarding your membership to PetScripts and VetShopAustralia.  PetScripts and VetShopAustralia may decline to honour any code if notified by Pawssum that your plan has come to an end for any reason, if you share or attempt to share your code or for any other reason PetScripts or VetShopAustralia consider reasonably appropriate.Neither PetScripts nor VetShopAustralia accept any responsibility if the discount code does not work due to any computer or internet issue, malfunction or problem or for any other reason.