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Why does my cat drink from weird places like the tap, in the sink or bathtub?

Why does my cat drink from weird places like the tap, in the sink or bathtub?

Ok so you filled your cat’s water bowl. The water is fresh straight out of the tap. It is clean, purified and safe to drink. You know that. But your can doesn’t know that (they don’t teach water purification at cat school). Your cat can only rely on their senses to know if the water is safe.What you cat knows is

  • The water is clear
  • The water smells ok

This is not enough. I live in Melbourne next to a beautiful Caulfield Park lake. Its’ water is clear and doesn’t smell. But I wouldn’t drink it if my life depended on it!

So to a cat still water is risky. This is especially so in summer when the water is warm. Warmth breeds bacteria so for a cat warm water says danger. Because of this cats will:

  • seek water outside
  • drink from baths, bathroom faucets and toilet bowls
  • if they have no access to those, they will reduce water intake, which is very unhealthy for their kidneys.

So what do you do? In my opinion water bubblers for cats are not a sign of indulgence. They are as essential for your cat as a litter tray. They are cheap to buy and maintain. Please get yourself one and use it. It will make your cat happier and healthier.

Dr Vadim Chelom BVSc

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