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Why being a Pawssum vet is so awesome

Why being a Pawssum vet is so awesome

I have worked as a vet for over 10 years and joined Pawssum in 2018. It was an easy choice to start with Pawssum. Not only is it convenient for pet owners but it is convenient for vets. Are you juggling lots of things like your job, a family, and various other activities? Perhaps you would like to boost your income. Well Pawssum has allowed me to do just that and more. I can choose when I’m available and what cases I see allowing me the flexibility to balance my work and family life.

I find the house visits great for the animals and the clients are usually more relaxed as well. You can carry the tools you want so you can work up those medical mysteries if you choose. You can decide your own prices and the amount of time you spend doing the work up. There is a big sense of achievement providing the whole consult service by yourself. Pawssum provides all the marketing, booking, and payment support. The booking staff are very friendly and receptive to innovative ideas from the vets. Overall a big tick of approval from me.

If you’d like to know more about being a Pawssum vet email your interest to or phone 1300 34 35 80.Β  You can check our reviews on our social media or visit


Pawssum Vets are open for business during the Coronavirus epidemic, Australia-wide 7 days a week until late.