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Home Vet Visits: The Top 5 Health & Emotional Benefits for Pets

Home Vet Visits: The Top 5 Health & Emotional Benefits for Pets

Top 5 Reasons For Home Vet Visits

Calling on a mobile vet to visit your pet in your own home is undeniably convenient.

But did you know there are also health and emotional benefits for your fur baby, and for you?

Here Pawssum vet Dr Lyam Graham outlines the top 5 reasons why you may want to switch to home vet visits.

  1. Slashes Trauma

Taking an unwell pet to the vet can be traumatic and if your pet doesn’t like being in the car or around other animals it becomes even worse.

Even healthy pets whom are otherwise behaviourally normal can find it stressful to leave home, get in the car or see the vet.

At-home visits also eliminate the need to drag the non-fur kids out!

  1. Better Diagnosis

It can be difficult to make an accurate medical diagnosis when a pet is stressed or over-excited.

The physical examination itself becomes challenging if the pet won’t relax or becomes aggressive secondary to stress, and these reactions will also affect their vital signs; being more relaxed at home can reduce stress and improve the accuracy of diagnosis.

  1. Home Assessment

Some pet medical conditions, such as skin irritations, benefit from a home assessment to better pinpoint the cause of health issues. For example, some household plants can cause skin conditions in pets.

It’s also easier to review diet, check if outdoor spaces are adequate and observe the pet’s behaviour in their home environment.

  1. Personalised Service

Mobile vets tend to be able to offer a more personal service away from the busy clinic schedule.

The vet is able to take their time getting to know the client and their pet without the stress of a 15 minute time slot and a waiting room full of other patients.

  1. Reduces End-of-life Distress

There’s nothing more traumatic than transporting a pet that is about to depart this world.

At-home euthanasia gives pets dignity and reduces distress, as well as giving the whole family absolute privacy and a personal service.

So, the next time your pet needs to see the vet, why not get your vet to come to you at home?


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