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Christmas trees and decorations – a hazard for cats

Christmas trees and decorations – a hazard for cats

Christmas trees around the country are going up and with sparkling lights, festive decorations and ornaments on them they can seem like a bright shiny play thing for your cat.

Unfortunately a Christmas tree – both real or artificial – can pose a hazard to your cat so some steps need to be taken to ensure your fur baby stays safe.

If you opt for a real tree that sits on a stand in water please be careful as the tree can leach pesticides and fertilisers into the water.   If your cat drinks this water it could become very unwell.  Cover the water with a layer of paper, foil or plastic to prevent it accessing it.  If you have an artificial tree these also can pose a hazard to curious cats who scratch at the branches and try and swallow the synthetic pine needles.

There is also the danger of cats climbing the tree and falling if it’s knocked over.

Christmas decorations are often made with quite fine materials that can break easily.  They then become a sharp hazard for cats to be injured on.   If a cat chews on or swallows any part of an ornament or the actual tree these can become a choking hazard and cause obstructions.

Many cats are unable to resist something shiny or sparkly – think strings and ribbons and shiny baubles.  It’s only natural that your cat will want to play with decorations and gift wrap accessories like ribbons, bows, string, tinsel, etc are all items that your cat may get tangled up in.

Many cats are curious creatures and will love exploring the tree.  Just take precautions to keep your cat safe.  This may involve placing the tree in a room that can be locked when you are out, adding a barrier around it or keeping your tree smaller if you have an extra curious feline.