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Understanding and Caring

Understanding and Caring

Pawssum was amazing. From the first phone call to when Dr Singh arrived. There was a lot of care and understanding.
Our dog can get very unsure of strangers, as a result a trip to the vet can get anxious for everyone involved, but Dr Singh was very understanding and able to navigate around this problem. Our dog was quite unwell (infected wound was becoming septic). After 45mins of the antibiotics being administered our dog was feeling better. Such a relief for us. Dr Singh left us with plenty of creams and tablets, touched base with us the next day and said if we needed more that it wasn’t a problem to stop by.
It was great to know we still had support. It was so convenient that we could have a vet visit our home which helped to make our dog not so anxious.

We will definitely use Pawssum again.

Megan Timo


Pawssum Vets are open for business during the Coronavirus epidemic, Australia-wide 7 days a week until late.