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Toffee Champion

Toffee Champion

Dr. Shagufta was truly lovely. She was very gentle with toffee, myself and my partner. The whole process was lovely. My wishes were respected, when I asked not to be rung as I could not speak that was acknowledged. Speaking with Mae through the online chat in the morning was helpful. She was soft, tender and offered sympathy. when she asked me to give her my number so someone could call me and work it out, I asked not to be called. She respected that, and offered alternatives for communication. I appreciated Dr. Shagufta rang, at that time I was able to speak, to discuss what visit she was coming to do. We were able to change the consult after a discussion with her. She helped us to say goodbye to Toffee and even softly shared her own experience. Dr. Shagufta has said to Toffee he could meet her furry there at the rainbow bridge. For me, it also felt more personal that she did not use gloves. It made me feel like she was a friend who had come over to support us all at this moment. Dr. Shagufta explained, after the consultation, that it was her second Euthanasia for the day, and she usually does not do that. That must have taken a huge toll on her. I hope she was okay after. We had arranged for transport though the person offering that was held up in traffic, I actually preferred the idea that Dr. Shagufta took Toffee with her. She placed him so gently in the basket and put the blanket over him. She treated him like he was still with us and just unwell. Although it was one of the most tragic days in my life and I was sharing it with a person I had never met, I am grateful that it was Dr. Shagufta. She will forever stay in my heart and be part of my final visions of Toffee Champion.

Richelle Champion


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