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Thank you from Coco

Thank you from Coco

Just wanted to say THANK YOU…
On 10 April we knew we had to make a very tough decision to say goodbye to our 19-year-old cat – COCO LATTE.
I called Pawssum and was kindly guided through the process. We did not want to distress Coco further and would rather her stay at home where she was surrounded by her family and her sister Chloe. Dr Stephen was totally amazing. He kept me informed, he helped my children (young adults now) say goodbye and understand – while I sobbed uncontrollably outside. Dr Stephen your compassion and care, and the way our pets acknowledged you with their head buts and rubs on your bag has filled my broken heart – they know a kind person and a good person…
Thanks sooo very much for helping Coco!I would recommend this compassionate service to any pet lover.

Erica Marz


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