Stress-free cat consult for Shelley

Old cat, sick and hiding in the garden. Vet visit = stress. Search online for vet home visits, found Pawssum. Dr Duncan arrived and fixed old cat! So much easier than a vet visit.

I wrote a proper review and it vanished. I can’t repeat it but basically, instead of dragging my sick old cat out of his hidey hole and stuffing him, struggling, into his carrier then driving him to the vet with all the street noise, and vet noise and smells, I only had to drag him out of his hidey hole and hold him quietly on my lap in his own lounge room. Dr Duncan checked him, took blood for tests (and called me later that day with results), and gave Shelley an anti-nausea shot and subcutaneous hydration. A full service, pretty much. Dr Duncan was gentle and thorough with Shelley, and communicative and reassuring with me.
I can’t recommend Pawssum, and Dr Duncan, more highly.
And after two nights and three days under the bromeliads, Shelley’s better.
Thank you Dr Duncan! Thank you Pawssum.

Barbara Cohen