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Resting peacefully

Resting peacefully

This is still very raw for me and the tears are still falling, but today my sweet 16 year old Miette ( Mimi) was put to rest after a brave fight with breathing issues.
It was an extremely hard decision to make as each day Mimi put on a brave face for me and soldiered on despite her discomfort. I think deep down I knew that she probably didn’t have long but I couldn’t let go of my companion of 16 years and hoped for a miracle.So many memories and so many times where Mimi has been my rock through life’s challenges.
Dr Sara was very patient with me,compassionate with a tender heart. Never rushed me.
It couldn’t have been easy for Dr Sara to deal with my breakdown but she was very understanding and went above and beyond to be kind and gentle. Not something I have ever experienced in a veterinary clinic where I am rushed or met with abrupt or an indifferent manner.
Yes, it would have saved a couple hundred dollars to have the service done at a veterinary clinic but I don’t regret doing the right thing by Mimi…..and that was to keep her comfortable in her own home environment.
Dr Sara provided a calm peaceful end to Mimi’s suffering and for that I am truly grateful.It is what Mimi deserved.
While I now have to learn to cope with the void in my life , I do feel a great sense of relief in the knowledge that Mimi was very much loved, had an amazing life and is now at peace. Mummy’s good girl has earned her rest . Miss you forever my sweet girl. XXXX

Carmen Recke


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