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Professional and compassionate

Professional and compassionate

I just wanted to say that you guys were extremely professional and compassionate and delicate.

It made all the difference to me in a really tough time and making that tough decision.

It felt wrong and just weird calling up, (basically shopping for a euthanisia service), vets and trying find a home visiting vet and a suitable time and honestly this service was extremely easy and gave me peace of mind.I tried at least 4 vets and it got really draining emotionally repeating myself and not being able to have a vet come home on a specific day. Pawssum took my call, organised everything within the same day and had a vet at my home. I was impressed and they provided me with the peace of mind I was looking for.

I don’t care about the cost. All that mattered to me was that I could organise a time that suitable and I didn’t have to drag my dog to a vet.

In his last moments I wanted him to remain comfortable and at peace at home with my family.

When I called up the first time the lady was extremely caring and actually said I’m sorry for your loss, this must be a difficult time and after calling 4 vets earlier you guys were first people to say this to me and I really appreciated it.

It is never easy making that call and putting your pet down but Pawssum were professional, quick to organise everything in the same day when I requested a specific time, extremely compassionate and friendly.

The vet Dr Beshoy was extremely compassionate and professional as well and we all appreciated that too.

Thank you so much for making this trying time easier for us and making it all go smoothly.

Manish chandra