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Peaceful experience for us.

Peaceful experience for us.

Lizzy peacefully flew off to heaven at home on the 4th December 2020 By Dr Beshoy. Lizzy was 15 years old lab/retiv and her little legs just couldn’t keep going anymore. This was the most hardest heartbreaking decision we had to make in our lives.

Thoughts kept running in my head, I can’t take her to a cold vet room I wanted her here with us at home in her bed and backyard with the sun shinning on her. Plus it was time, I couldn’t hold off anymore she was ready to go but I was trying to hold on.

I can’t thank Dr Beshoy enough for what had to happen and him making this such a calm and peaceful experience for us. Dr Beshoy explained what was going to happen and I would go to say his a very gentle soul man and made my pain and guilt of having to say goodbye to feeling I am doing the right thing for my beautiful lizzy girl.Dr Beshoy did what he needed to do and then he stood in the background quiet while we had our final moment. It was just so peaceful.

From the first call to making the booking then Dr Beshoy arriving and then saying our final goodbye I could not fault a thing with pawssum and would say if you are feeling like I was ” I can’t do this” You can! I called at 9:30pm and the next Morning was her goodbye.

We can’t thank you enough, our hearts are breaking and we have lost a part of our souls but what you did for us in Lizzy final moment made this memory of her such a beautiful one for us and also for her being at home saying goodbye.

I highly recommend Pawssum they are kind and caring people.

Kristy & Dan


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