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My cat is stuck in

My cat is stuck in

My cat is stuck in Mickelham at PEQ. He wasn’t eating for nearly 4 days so rather urgent. Vet was more than an hour late to the visit and did not provide a followup call after the visit had ended. Instead, I had to call in again to find out what was going on with my cat. Once I got in touch, the vet was competent and helpful. Vet advised they would send photos of our cat via text but did not follow through. I sent a reminder later that day asking for photos and did not receive a reply. I was charged $357.00 for this. I’m giving 2 stars because the vet actually did show up and help my cat; and was also helpful on the phone when I did get in touch. Everything else about my experience was pretty amateur. For the steep price tag of $357.00, customers deserve more than the bare minimum and shouldn’t have to do all the work of tracking down the vet and extracting the information they need. Overall, I’d say this was worth about $150. I will look elsewhere next time.

Kyle Peyton


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