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Kind, Prompt Service

Kind, Prompt Service

My mum’s old and very large dog deteriorated in health quite rapidly. On Saturday morning he could barely move. His usual vet was too busy to come (and mum has been a customer for years!) but Pawssum pets responded right away and within less than two hours arrived. He diagnosed Tank (with his best judgement without performing EKGs and blood tests)and gave us options, and in no way forced a decision. We decided it was in Tanks best interest to PTS. The process was extremely humane and the vet was so kind and gentle with Tank. He passed peacefully surrounded by love. Being a 90kg dog, the vet could not take him and had to organise someone to do that. They said they had a bit of a hard time finding someone available on a Saturday for such a big dog, but managed to find someone that day just a couple of hours later. The fact they even tried so hard to arrange this ASAP was testament to their service, after all, they were already paid! The gentleman who came to pick up Tank was so kind and caring and treated Tank with great respect. Hauling such a huge creature up a ramp with no assistance isn’t an easy task, yet he was more concerned about injuring a dead dog than himself!
I would not hesitate to use this vet again, and highly recommend to anyone!

Poppy Armamentos


Pawssum Vets are open for business during the Coronavirus epidemic, Australia-wide 7 days a week until late.