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Kind and compassionate

Kind and compassionate

We had to say goodbye to our beautiful 13 year old Australian Cattle Dog last week. I originally chatted with someone on the website and they were really nice when I explained what was going on with Jasmine. They arranged a call back that day. Then the next day a peaceful euthanasia was arranged via phone call for the next day. It happened very fast but I think in our instance it was necessary and I was grateful for how quickly it was arranged. Our girl was suffering. The vet came in the morning and he was very nice and understanding. We said our goodbyes and a few days later her urn with her ashes was returned. This is a great service and everyone has been very supportive and kind. I would recommend peaceful euthanasia at home for your pet. It’s hard to say goodbye but I’m the comfort of your home makes it better for your pet. Pawssum is worth it.

Lisa Findlay


Pawssum Vets are open for business during the Coronavirus epidemic, Australia-wide 7 days a week until late.