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Dr. Merry came out to see Honey. Honey is normally very nervous around people she does not know. I don’t know what her history was before she came to me except that she lived with my friend’s niece who bought her from The Lost Dogs Home. She has been with me for five and half years.
I am very impressed with Dr. Merry and the way she approached Honey. Honey is responding well to treatment and is back to herself again.
Because of the toxic leak at Cherry Lake which may have gone into Port Phillip Bay, we have decided to keep the girls away from the beach for the time being, at least Altona Dog Beach which is one of their favourite places.
I have no problem with recommending Pawssum to anyone.
Thank you very much.
Johanna Saunders.

Not sure if the photo will come up. Not sure how to do this but can send one from my phone.

Johanna Saunders


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