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Farwell to mans best friend

Farwell to mans best friend

I came home on Wednesday night and noticed that my 12 year old German shepherd could not move his back legs, I thought that he may of over exerted himself during the day and a good nights rest would help him…

Unfortunately his condition did not improve and the next morning I to make some quick decision on how to handle the situation. I found it extremely difficult to try and move my very tender and somewhat aggressive 62kg dog to get him to a vet, he was very obviously in a lot of pain which broke my heart and seeing him like this was extremely distressing.

After many, many calls to multiple vet clinics in the area, I could not get anyone to come over and assist. One of the vets recommended Pawssum and thankfully I was able to arrange for someone to attend that afternoon.

Dr. Beshoy was fantastic, informative, direct and compassionate. My sweet Budweiser was to be put to rest due to his condition, in my arms amongst the trees he called home. I have never felt grief or pain like i did with losing my best friend of 12 years, but having the professional support and assistance of Dr. Beshoy & Pawssum were absolutely fantastic, the after care was amazing, and I feel as though my best friends passing was dignified with how everything has been handled. I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you again

Alistair Agius


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