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Excellent and professional sympathetic service

Excellent and professional sympathetic service

I am most impressed with the service provided by pawssum relating to mobile veterinary service. The team were most helpful and managed to locate a vet, David, to come to the house to attend my very sick cat, Sheba. It was early at night on a weekend. The vet arrived at the time arranged and examined Sheba thoroughly and then advised me to make an urgent appointment with my regular vet or an animal hospital and request that xrays of the chest, blood tests and an ultrasound be be taken to confirm the diagnosis and have relevant treatment prescribed as Sheba did have health issues. The vet stressed the importance of doing this within the next 24 hours for optimal care. He also advised me on the medication I could continue giving to the cat. I was most impressed with David’s professional assessment of Sheba’s condition, his very gentle but caring attitude and reassuring manner. I did manage to get an appointment with my regular vet who ordered the investigations as David suggested and the diagnosis of the worsening of her heart murmur, bronchitis and general lethargy was confirmed. An ultrasound is organised for Tuesday. I am happy to report that Sheba has picked up somewhat after I followed David’s suggestion to also keep Sheba very warm and to continue her on the medication she was on. Please thank David for me and let him know I am grateful for the care he showed to Sheba and the excellent advice he gave me to ensure ongoing management. In summary, the mobile vet service you provide is of very high standard, professional and sympathetic. I felt Sheba was in good hands during the consultation. David is a very competent and caring vet, reassuring and an excellent representative of Pawssum. Gratefully, Erika Ironside

Tina Ironside


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