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Carolyn Dinneen

Carolyn Dinneen

I would recommend Pawssum Vets very highly. My 12 year old dog, Archie, had inoperable prostate cancer and I wanted to have him put to sleep in the comfort of his own home. I telephoned Pawssum and the lady that spoke to me was just wonderful and so kind, mentioning that she had a soft spot for staffys as she had one when younger. She promptly made a booking and the vet, Dr Kris, visited exactly at 12 noon when he was supposed to.

Dr Kris was amazing. He put Archie at ease and Archie seemed to sense that Dr Kris was there to help him. Archie does not like strangers handling him, especially a vet. Archie was adopted at 5 years of age and had already been rehomed a couple of times and was very head shy. Dr Kris was wonderful with him and just wanted Archie to be calm and relaxed. He spoke to him softly and treated him very gently. Archie responded really well to his positive, calming energy and he just lied down near him, trusting that Dr Kris was there to help him. His passing was very peaceful and I give my most sincere thanks to Dr Kris.

I would hope to see Dr Kris under better circumstances in the future and wold not hesitate to call upon him again to treat my furbabies.

The service did not end there. Another lovely lady rang to let me know when Archie’s ashes would be returned. Dr Kris also sent a kind email to me. The ashes were delivered to my local vet as arranged on time.

Archie was a very special and beloved dog and I am so glad that I had Pawssum and Dr Kris to help me through this really difficult time. It is such a blessing to know that in the final moments of Archie’s life he was peaceful and relaxed.

Carolyn Dinneen


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