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Almost too easy!

Almost too easy!

I’d been adopted by a cat for about a month or so but had no idea of history or vaccinations or even gender, so eventually I thought it best to have it all checked out. As a non-driver, Pawssum became an obvious choice. The price seemed fine and I was hugely impressed that I was able to get an appointment for noon on the same day (I arranged it very early in the AM and it was confirmed once working hours began).

Dr Bahaa was even a bit early which was good, and after some trepidation on the cat’s behalf, we managed to find out she was a she, and already microchipped, so he got in touch with Tiff the cat’s actual owner.

The end result – it was a nearby neighbour. We had a chat, and the neighbour is very happy for Tiff to keep visiting here, and now if Tiff doesn’t come home (to the neighbour’s house or mine) we know she’s probably at the other place instead! Which is less worry for all concerned. Also, the cat already has a vet so I now know I don’t need to be the one arranging that. So I’m getting all the cuddles and company without the need to worry about that other side of it. Win / win.

But it was Dr Bahaa and Pawssum that got it to that point, and I’m grateful for the efficiency of it all.

Michael Hunter