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Frequently asked questions


Because we believe that pet owners should have the option of good quality veterinary care at home at little or no extra cost when compared to going to the vet clinic. Pawssum’s services are provided by trusted local vet clinics, so if a referral back to the clinic is required it is also managed. We can also provide emergency vet services in selected locations.

We always get asked “Where can I find a vet near me?”. We accept bookings in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Central Coast (NSW), Bendigo (VIC), Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin. We will be expanding our services to other cities in Australia in the near future. If you are outside our covered areas, feel free to contact us on 1300 34 35 80 to check if our partner vets can come to you. Alternatively, stay updated on the new cities we will be expanding to by registering with our newsletter here.

Our vet partners provide the full veterinary care for your pet including health examinations, sick pet treatments, vaccinations and peaceful euthanasia. Your pet will be treated at home by our partner vets and if there is a more complex case where medical facilities are required, the vet will conduct a follow up treatment at a partner clinic to ensure your pet is provided continuity of care. We also have a behaviourist partner for dog training and behaviour issues.

We primarily treat dogs and cats however many of our partner vets also treat other small animals. If you have a different pet animal you are seeking treatment for, please contact us here, via live chat or call us on 1300 34 35 80.

Pawssum always provides our customers with an itemised invoice which can be submitted to your insurance provider for claims dependent on your level of cover.

Yes, Pawssum provides a Telepet service where you can chat with a vet via video chat or phone. Please make a booking online and select this service, or call us on 1300 34 35 80.

In the case of an emergency, Pawssum’s Telepet service allows you to video call a vet instantly and easily to give you peace of mind on the urgency of the matter and to ensure you are taking the right steps if it is an emergency. If it is a case where your pet requires immediate physical attention, we will direct you to an emergency clinic. We want what’s best for your pet.

Pawssum partners with local, trusted vet clinics across Australia to ensure a continuity of service. In cases where your pet may require surgery or in-clinic procedures, Pawssum can organise the entire process and booking for you with our partner clinics.

We always love to hear from you! There are several ways to contact us below. Contact us via our online form here. Alternatively call us on 1300 34 35 80 or chat to us online between 8am-10pm. We will always get back to you within 24 hours.

Pawssum partners with selected retailers across Australia where a local, trusted vet will be in store on a regular basis to give pets health checks and discounted vaccinations, whilst they are shopping in store. All appointments have to be booked online on and this is where the schedule of locations and times will be displayed. To stay updated on upcoming schedules, register with us here.

Unfortunately we do not provide vaccinations to puppies or kittens at our Pawssum pop-up vet clinics in store. Puppies and kittens are extremely susceptible to infections in open environments surrounded by other dogs prior to their vaccinations and are strongly recommended to remain in their homes. We strongly recommend a home vet visit for puppies and kittens so please call us on 1300 34 35 80.

Bookings and Payments

Simply go to the bookings page here, pick a desired date and time, fill out your details, and we’ll update you when one of our vet partners has accepted your booking!

You can also make a booking using the Pawssum app, available for iPhone from the Apple App Store here and for Android phones from Google Play here.

Alternatively, call us on 1300 34 35 80 or chat to us online.

Our hours of operation are 8:00am – 10:00pm, 7 days a week including weekends and public holidays. This means our partner mobile vets can service your pets outside normal working hours, as well as on weekends and public holidays. Contact us here, call us on 1300 34 35 80 or chat to us online.

During your booking process you will be able to provide your preferred day and time. We will then try to find an available vet to suit this for you.

If we are given 24 hours notice, that is fantastic however we realise sometimes this cannot be the case. We will always try and get to you when you need us however we can never promise anything until we receive the booking and confirm it with a vet.

At the time of booking, you will be required to fill in your credit card details which are stored securely where only an authorisation fee will be charged. You will then receive a estimated total after the booking is completed. After our Pawssum vet’s visitation, they will then confirm all the costs and will send through a final total at which point your credit card on file will be charged should you choose this payment method.

Our $159 house call is a standard pet consultation or health examination for your pet at your home or work. This includes a thorough health check including skin, coat, joints, eyes, teeth and a discussion regarding any concerns you may have about your pet. Any medications, vaccinations or treatments are extra. The vet that contacts you after you make your booking will provide an estimated total dependent on the treatment your pet may require. Any additional pets examined during the same visit are an extra $99.

Weekends, public holidays and after hours services incur a surcharge. Please check with our support team for more details.

Read more about our services & pricing.

We accept Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards, and American Express. We also offer finance repayment options if required. Contact us here or call us on 1300 34 35 80 to discuss this.

Yes we do! We offer finance options with Vet Pay or Zip Pay. Contact us here, call us on 1300 34 35 80 or chat to us online to find out more.

We accept booking cancellations a minimum of 24 hours prior to the appointment. Cancellations made within 24 hours of the appointment, or not contactable when the vet is at your selected location; the visit fee for the time of booking, may still be applied.

Home Vet Visits and Vets

A licensed and experienced vet local to your area will perform a detailed medical health check on your pet during the house call, and provide the services requested or required (eg. vaccinations, microchipping, etc). Depending on the results of the examination, they may recommend further diagnostics.

You can book your follow-up appointment with the vet either at home straight after your appointment or through the Pawssum mobile app, where you have full access
to the vet’s consultation notes and any recommendations made during the visit. The mobile vet can also organise a follow-up at a vet clinic if this is the recommended treatment. Alternatively, call us on 1300 34 35 80 and our friendly customer service team can assist you.

Most of the time our vet will carry medications with them they believe your pet may require. This is why it is important to provide as many details about your pet’s condition during the booking time. However if the vet doesn’t have the right medication on hand, they will provide you with a prescription which you can easily order online.

If you have a preferred vet that is on the Pawssum system, you will be able to nominate that vet when you make your booking either online or over the phone. Selecting a preferred vet is dependent on your preferred appointment time and their availabilities. If you don’t have a preferred vet, then your appointment may be accepted by any of our partner vets and a time that you select.

We always do our best to make your appointments as stress free and
convenient as possible. However to help our partner vets efficiently, there are a
few simple things you can do to help:

  • Prepare a quiet, tidy space to make it comfortable for your pet during the appointment.
  • Ensure the area is well lit or has enough daylight for your pet’s examination.
  • Have a towel available, just in case.
  • Our partner vets will have treats on hand to keep your pet happy, but if you know they have a favourite treat, have them nearby!
  • Keep any other pets in a separate area or room to avoid any distraction or interference during the appointment.

It’s never easy saying goodbye to your cherished pet, but there are times when pet euthanasia may be the best decision to make for them. Pawssum can provide this service in the comfort of your pets’ homes. Click here to find out more.

We offer a range of different types of after care including cremation with the ashes returned or without. Click here to find out more.

If you still have an unanswered question, contact us here or call us on 1300 34 35 80.


Pawssum Vets are open for business during the Coronavirus epidemic, Australia-wide 7 days a week until late.