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At-home pet euthanasia quality of life assessment consult

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Quality Of Life Consult at home

Unfortunately, our dogs can’t use words to share with us how they are feeling mentally and physically. Therefore, many pet owners turn to vets asking them to decide on euthanasia for them. Unless the dog is visibly in pain, the vet will not know what to make of the situation.
Eventually, it’s up to you to observe your dog and understand his quality of life. Here are some guidelines that might help you in making the right decision.

• Does your dog still have an appetite?
• Is it able to walk?
• Does it show a sign of pain, such as yelping?
• Are the medications you are giving it working?
• Does your vet think there is anything else that can be done for your dog?
• Do you have a feeling your dog is giving up?
• Is the dog avoiding its bed, and prefers to sleep on cold surfaces?
• Is your desire to have your dog by your side overshadowing its suffering?

Talk to Pawssum about these answers. He will help you in the decision making- process, having your dog’s best interest at heart.The death of a dog doesn’t affect only your family members, the other furry companions in your house will also notice its absence. There are a lot of dog owners who tell stories and claim that their other cat or dog knew that their friend was going to be put to sleep. While vets can’t confirm this, we do know that pets notice the absence of their friends and they miss them. It’s also worth mentioning that different pets may have different reactions to your dog’s euthanasia depending on their relationship. Siblings, for instance, get more upset than unrelated dogs.


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