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Cat euthanasia – peaceful and at-home

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Coping with the impending loss of a pet is one of the most difficult experiences a pet parent will face. Whether your furry friend is approaching his golden years or has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, it’s important to calmly guide the end-of-life experience and minimise any discomfort or distress.

At home peaceful cat euthanasia provides a painless, peaceful end for a cat who would otherwise continue to suffer. Your veterinarian has special training to provide your pet with a humane and gentle passing. During the procedure, your vet will inject your pet with a special medication that which will help them pass.

Your veterinarian is the best person to advise you on when the time is right to perform the at home peaceful cat euthanasia—information from medical tests is often more accurate than what a pet owner can observe, and pet owners often delay the moment of euthanasia in anticipation of grief. Observing and keeping an accurate record of your pet in his daily activities can help you to decide. If you observe that moments of discomfort outweigh his capacity to enjoy life, it is time to euthanise, even if your pet still experiences pleasure in eating or socialising. If your pet is in pain, your main goal should be to minimise his suffering.

Please contact our caring staff if you would like to know anything else about our at home peaceful cat euthanasia service.

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Cat euthanasia - the process

Before the process begins, you will need to decide if you want to stay with your cat. Some people find comfort in being with their pets in their final minutes and many vets allow and encourage cat owners to be with their cats through the euthanasia process. While it may be difficult for you, accompanying your beloved cat to the very end can provide you both with comfort and closure.

Your cat’s comfort is the primary concern during the euthanasia process. The cat euthanasia injection is a larger dose of an anaesthetic injection so besides the initial prick of a needle or catheter, they will simply fall unconscious before drifting away.

Your vet will give you some time with your cat after the procedure as we know putting a cat down is an extremely emotional decision. We understand that everyone may have varying preferences on aftercare and Pawssum offers several options to make this process as easy as possible for you. Our customer service team can assist to talk you through all the different options available.

We all understand that this is a difficult process if this decision is made. We are here to make your experience as convenient and seamless as possible.

It can be hard to tell if your cat is in pain or discomfort, so a vet-check prior to making this heart wrenching decision is really important. There may also be treatment options to keep your pet healthy and happy for longer. If your cat is in constant pain or discomfort, despite medical treatment and does not seem to get any enjoyment out of life, it may be time to consider cat euthanasia. Signs that your pet may have a poor quality of life include:

  • Pain that cannot be controlled with medication. In many cases, cats can continue to enjoy life if their pain is relieved by medications. When medication no longer helps, it may be the right time for euthanasia. If you have difficulty gauging the pain level, ask our veterinarians for input.
  • Constant gastrointestinal issues. As your cat becomes sicker, vomiting and diarrhoea can become daily occurrences. Not surprisingly, these issues can cause your furry friend to lose weight and become dehydrated and lethargic.
  • Difficulty Breathing. Is every breath a struggle for your cat? Trouble breathing can be very uncomfortable and even painful. Purring is not a sign of comfort – be sure to discuss this with your vet.
  • Prognosis. Talk to our veterinarians about his or her prognosis. In some cases, even aggressive treatment will not save your companion, but will prolong suffering. When your cat’s prognosis is poor, euthanasia can prevent unnecessary suffering.
  • Incontinence. At some point, a seriously ill cat may no longer to control its bladder or bowels.
  • Inability to walk. As your pet becomes weaker, walking can become an issue. Mobility can also be an issue if a stroke or other condition affects your pet’s hind legs. Specially designed wheelchairs can help cats with limb immobility and may be a good choice if your cat is in otherwise good health – be sure to ask our partner vets about options.

Including all members of your household in the decision can prevent hurt feelings during an already emotional time. Explain that your cat will not recover from the illness or condition and is suffering, despite the excellent care you have provided. Even younger children can be involved in the discussion if you use age appropriate language. Although immediate cat euthanasia may be needed to prevent suffering in severe circumstances, the procedure can be delayed long enough to allow enough time for everyone who cares about your pet to say goodbye in most situations. It is also important to let other pets in the household to smell your cat after they have passed away – it is their way of saying goodbye too.

After you make your decision, you can proceed to book your at-home cat euthanasia with Pawssum. One of our trusted and compassionate vets will contact you to walk you through the process, options and answer any questions you have.

Our at home peaceful euthanasia service allows the pet to be attended to in an environment where they feel safe and loved. Our partner vets are all lovely and very compassionate which is very important to us. We get fantastic feedback from customers that this service helped them during a very hard time.

If we are given 24 hours notice that is fantastic, however we realise sometimes this can not be the case. We will always try to get to you when you need us however we can obviously never promise anything until we receive the booking and confirm it with the vets.

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