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Open 365 days 8am-10pm for pet consultation and examination

Pawssum provides pet care by trusted, local vets in the comfort of your home. We partner with 24 hour partner vets to ensure continuity of care. 

Open 365 days, 8am-10pm.

Our Pawssum 24 Hour Vet provides house calls for a consultation and examination of your pet. This includes a thorough health check in order to answer any concerns you have about your furry friend and prescribe the best form of treatment if required. Annual health checks and consultations can help to diagnose, treat and even prevent problems before they become serious.

The consultation and health examination includes:

  • Heart checks
  • Dental check and assessment
  • Eye and ear checks
  • Weight and joint mobility checks
  • Lab work such as blood tests, lump sampling or urine testing (if required at an additional cost)

For cases which require in-clinic procedures such as x-rays and surgery, Pawssum partners with local 24 Hour Vet businesses to ensure continuity of care for your pet. Pawssum also provides emergency vet services in selected locations. Our Pawssum 24 Hour Vet is here to help.

40% off pet consultation and examinations for any additional pet during the same visit. 

Cost: $99* for a thorough clinical examination

*Medications or treatment is an additional cost which will be communicated to you by your visiting vet.

Pawssum Vets are open for business during the Coronavirus epidemic, Australia-wide 7 days a week until late.