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Pop-up vet in-store appointments

Pawssum partners with selected retailers across Australia to host a Pop-Up Vet Clinic offering free health checks and $69 vaccinations!

Please note:

  • The vet can only perform vaccinations at the store and will not perform any other medical treatments.
  • If your pet is unwell there may be a possibility that the vet won’t go ahead with the vaccination. As such, a home visit can be followed up with your funds directed to that.
  • Vaccination given is C5 for dogs and F3 for cats.
  • Puppy/kitten vaccinations and aggressive or hard to handle dogs are excluded from this promotion. These can be done as a home visit, book here
  • Heartworm injections can only be administered if your pet has received one in the last 12 months or is currently on a regular heartworm prevention regime.
  • Heartworm injections are administered according to your pet’s weight. Please select their weight range when booking below.

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