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Pawssum Pet Home Plan Terms & Conditions

Pawssum Pet Home Plan aims to:

  • Educate pet owners in relation to animal health and wellness of their pets to enable them to live longer, happier and healthier
  • Promote veterinary services for the health and wellness to pets
  • To provide cost effective veterinary products (more specifically parasite protection) for pet owners.

Pawssum Pet Home Plan veterinary services are administered by certified, registered local vets and veterinary recommended products provided by Pet Circle. Services only include veterinary services operated by Pawssum vets unless specified.

Each membership is only applicable to one pet at a time. Multi-pet owners can hold multiple memberships (one per each pet). Additional pets are eligible to 15% off their memberships.

Membership fees are set by Pawssum vets and are payable by credit card with the choice of a total annual payment or payment in instalments.

Each membership will be for a period of 12 months. A reminder will be sent at least one month prior to the expiry of the 12 month membership.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Plans can be cancelled with 14 days notice by email to petplan@pawssum.com
  • Plans will be charged on the nominated credit card or made payable on the plan based on the value of consumption of goods and services to date.
  • The initial fee of $99 is non-refundable.

Pawssum Pet Home Plans entitles members to receive:

  • Annual vaccinations (C5 or F3) in your home by a Pawssum vet with vaccination certificate provided
  • Parasite protection delivered to your home quarterly from Pet Circle
  • 1 x additional at-home consultation/examination a year
  • 2 x Telepet vet video call consultations
  • Pet dental checks (as part of above home vet consultations)
  • Nail Clip (as part of above home vet consultations)
  • Nutritional advice and plans (as part of above home vet consultations)
  • Microchipping (if needed and as part of above home vet consultations))
  • 7% off first food purchase as a new customer from Pet Circle
  • Discounts on additional treatments in Pawssum partner clinics
    • heartworm testing
    • DNA testing
    • titer testing
    • urine analysis
    • blood testing

Consultations and examinations included in the Pawssum Pet Home Plan are only valid Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. After hours, weekends or public holiday appointments will require a surcharge.

The Pawssum Pet Home Plan has been designed for the health and wellness of your pet, and does not apply to emergency situations. Excludes medication and sedation if required.

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